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Written by Jamie Bantleman

Hidden Sugars

Often we make the wrong choices with food selection on our own accord, often needed as a part of a ‘cheat meal’ or simply because you just don’t want to cook or prepare anything. If you are one of those people, you are making the conscious decision to not eat a healthy diet.


However, if you are one of those people that do make the conscious decision to eat a clean diet, without, to your knowledge, any sugars, trans-fats or any other poor food choice, and still are struggling to lose weight or body fat, read on.

sugary food



#1 Cake with Low Calorie Breakfast Bars

#2 Ice Cream with Low Fat Yoghurt

#3 Pancakes with Toast and Cereal

#4 White Pasta with Wholemeal Pasta

#5 Coca-cola with Flavoured Waters


All of these things, are probably better than the first choice that was made. However, the alternatives are still very unhealthy and full of hidden sugars.


Unfortunately, we have weight loss companies in today’s society that are controlled and taught by, (usually) those who are not qualified in nutrition or have never found any scientific backing that proves their theory is correct. These people are creating a thought process that is totally false. It has created, ‘The Age of Low Calories and Low Fat Problems.

Alongside food, beverages are also mistaken to be healthy when they are again, full of sugars and additives. Diet coke, flavoured water, lucozades and red bulls are all examples of drinks that are either used for alternatives to sugary drinks as perceived healthy drinks. However, all these drinks are filled with sugars and/or sweeteners with e numbers and other additives.


These hidden sugars in supposed ‘health foods’, are going to create huge issues with fat loss in the general public. Therefore, I have created a list of truly healthy food and beverage alternatives.

fizzy drinks


Whole Greek Yoghurt: Remember fat doesn’t make you fat, sugar does. Whole greek yoghurt has a healthy profile of fats and protein.


Low Fat Yoghurts: Often found with a lot of sugars and additives that will in turn cause fat gain.


Low-Sugar Protein BrownieThese are great little snacks for every chocolate lover! Create Low-Sugar Protein Brownie Bites for a treat with a deliciously chewy centre and crunch crust.

Snack Bars: Breakfast bars are filled with sugars, the ‘low calorie’ tag line should not fool us. Sugars in such bars are in abundance.


Meat and Nut Breakfast: Protein and healthy fats in the morning helps regulate blood sugars and helps with fat loss and muscle gain.


Cereal and Toast: Cereals and breads are common in people’s breakfast, carbohydrates in the morning causes insulin spikes and troughs. This in turn will cause fat gain.


Sweet Potato/Quinoa: Carb sources such as Sweet potato are filled with other nutrients such as fibre that will help with body composition.


Wholemeal Pasta: Pasta is a high GI carb and in most cases is unnecessary in cases related to fat loss. Even if carbs are present in your diet, others are more effective.


The Effect


Sugars are not always the biggest issue when it comes to health and body composition. In fact, the biggest issue, is when calorie output is lower that its input. Eating more than you expend will increase weight/body fat.


Sugars however, is a major part in your health and fitness. Sugar creates an insulin response in the body which varies in effect in different people. Some people are insulin sensitive, which is when the body uses the sugar effectively. However,  insulin resistance in some people means they will not utilise sugars in a productive manner; instead your insulin levels will not be consistent, and this causes initial fat gain and eventually may lead to Type II diabetes.


A way in which to combat sugars is by reducing them and replacing them with essential fatty acids. Foods such as avocado, cacao, coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil, almonds, macadamias, fish, omega 3 supplementation and flaxseeds.


Essential fatty acids will help regulate blood sugars and improve insulin sensitivity. Finding alternatives to high sugars products such as breakfast bars, ‘low fat or low calories’ foods and cereals with organic whole foods with healthy fats and protein sources.


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