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Top 4 Foods To Avoid…
If You Want Summer Abs


By Myprotein Writer Heather Geary 


Defined abs are one of the most desired features to have for both men and women, although they are definitely the hardest to achieve.

We’ve all heard the saying ‘abs are made in the kitchen’ and this is absolutely true – nutrition is more than 80% of the battle in gaining that lovely six pack.

There are some foods you should avoid or certainly cut back on if you want those washboard abs to show…

Its also important to remember that your abs won’t show unless you remove the layer of fat over them, therefore cardio is an important factor along with a healthy diet and weight training.

For those who ask… yes, doing a bunch of sit ups will certainly strengthen your core but if there is a layer of fat on your stomach, you abs will never show!


1) Overly-processed peanut butter


Really? Our beloved peanut butter?…

Now I’m not talking about the lovely, natural kind of peanut butter made from 100% peanuts, but rather the commercial/cheaper peanut butter that is loaded with additives and extra nasties!

Always read the label: the general rule of thumb is the less ingredients the better.

Natural peanut butter is high in protein, is a good source of healthy fats and keeps you satiated meaning you’re less likely to snack.



2) Low fat or diet foods


Stand away from the fat-free yoghurts…

These deceiving foods are often pumped full of additives and although they are fewer in calories, they are less satisfying and often lead to over-eating! Don’t fall victim to this vicious cycle…



In order for people to still enjoy the taste and texture of low fat foods manufacturers increased the sugar level which results in them being nearly the same calorie content as the original higher-fat product with a much higher carbohydrate profile… Nightmare!

Low fat diet foods also discourage people from consuming foods naturally high healthy fats that are good for your heart.

Low fat foods also lower testosterone levels –  a hormone important to both men and women.

Decreased levels can cause loss of muscle mass, increased body fat and decreased libido… don’t do it!



3) Fizzy drinks/alcohol


Hello sugar and empty calories!

…And a bloated, distended stomach.



Instead opt for lower calorie drinks that have anti-oxidants to help lower inflammation that could be linked to increased abdominal fat storage.

Drinking water is extremely beneficial… In addition to decreasing the risk of cancer and clearing your body of toxins, it  has been proven to help you get better definition in your abs!

Green tea extract will also help rid toxins and help you lose that stubborn belly fat!

Alcohol severely hinders the bodies ability to burn fat.  drinking too much can encourage fat to develop around your stomach area. Alcohol is empty calories and its easy to forget or lose track of how much you consume, opt for non alcoholic beverages.



4) White bread/pasta/rice


These kinds of foods are digested quickly, causing insulin and blood levels to spike. Furthermore, this leads to increased fat storage in the mid section of the body… No thank you!

Decreasing these kind of carbs in your diet will dramatically improve the appearance of your abs!

Choose healthier, whole wheat versions of bread, pasta and brown rice.



Additionally, foods high in sodium can cause you to bloat and retain fluid, especially around your abdominal area!

Aim to consume less than 2000mg a day and drink plenty of water to flush your system!


Healthy Foods


Now you know what foods to avoid in your ab-popping journey, I’ll share two of my favourite healthy foods to help me a long the way…



Eggs are incredibly beneficial foods that help to reduce abdominal fat.

In addition to being extremely versatile, they are packed with essential amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle due to being naturally high in protein and fat.

Eggs will therefore keep you fuller for longer –  eating them for breakfast is a great way to start your day and keep hunger pangs at bay until your next meal!





Berries are also beneficial to help  reduce abdominal fat – and extremely tasty too!

The fruits are loaded with fibre and the more fibre you consume the fewer calories you absorb from your other foods.

Berries are naturally sweet which may also help when you have cravings. In addition, they are classed as a ‘super food’ and can contribute to speeding up your metabolism!

The recommended amount each day is around 25-30g.




Take Home Message


Good nutrition will always be the secret ingredient to achieving great abs – that and a diet of healthy clean foods, plenty of water, resistance training and cardio! It’s all about balance.

It’s important to remember however that although everyone has abs, genetics do play a part.

Some people have a low body fat percentage and their abs still don’t show – it comes as an expression of your DNA and sometimes there is very little you can do to shape or manipulate it.

Its good to find your strength and magnify it so it casts a shadow on those parts you feel are lagging!




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