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Written by Jamie Bantleman


Glucomannan is a health supplement that is used for the restriction of calories in diets which in turn acts as a weight loss product. When looking to lose body fat or lose weight you must maintain a calories deficit, however, in doing this you may find that you struggle to adapt due to increased Ghrelin levels and cravings.



“Ghrelin is one of the main hormones to stimulate hunger. Ghrelin levels increase before meals and decrease after meals, a mechanism that has its roots in the hypothalamus. If the lateral hypothalamus is removed (as seen in animal studies), feeding becomes less frequent leading to severe weight loss and death. If the ventromedial hypothalamus is removed, feeding increases, leading to weight gain and severe obesity.”


The opposite to Ghrelin is Leptin, this is the hormone in which counteracts the feeling of being hungry and is what will release when using Glucomannan.


“Leptin is a well-known ‘adipokine’ (signalling molecule made in body fat) that acts as a nutrient sensor, and increases metabolic rate during periods of overfeeding; its secretion is sensitive to carbohydrate ingestion, and its elevation during dieting desired.”


While it is not always recommended to create a feeling of satiety even though you’ve not eaten it is often a necessity for some. If you are someone who has genuinely tried to lose weight and body fat by creating a small deficit in calories and has struggled to maintain due to hunger throughout the day you should consider trying this supplement as a way in which to have control of your ‘hunger hormones’ (Leptin and Ghrelin).


To keep this simple, here is a short and concise plan of how to judge whether you do need this supplement:


#1 Find your Basil Metabolic Rate by use of either the Harris Benedict Method or using a very precise method of Metabolic Testing by a qualified practitioner.

#2 Once your BMR has been found you will have your calorie requirements set in place and you can then build your macronutrients around this. A simple plan for weight loss may see a percentage breakdown of 40% Protein, 40% Fat and 20% Carbohydrate.

#3 If at this point you are ‘over-eating’ and consuming too much food, you can then consider use of this supplement.


Whilst in foods, Glucommonan is used as a thickener or gelling agent to increase the feeling of satiety, in supplement form it is advised for those who are at risk of Type II diabetes due to its ability to slow the process of sugar absorption from the gut; this controls blood sugars and and also reduces cholesterol levels.


Another key point in which it benefits us is by helping to relieve constipation and gut inflammation. Whilst diets can be heavily dominated by high protein and fats there may not be enough fibre in dietary form to increase the guts ability to digest the nutrients you are feeding yourself. Glucommonan is a supplementation form of fibre and can offer your body a way in which to better your digestive system.


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