Five Steps To Fitness Success in 2014

1.      Define Your Goals

Define Your Goals
Behind every top athlete’s fitness success is the setting of goals. Setting goals and personal objectives gives you the motivation in the short term but most importantly, vision for the long term. Each short term goal you set and achieve will remind you how far you’ve come from the first one and also make you realise the long term goal is closer than you think.

Examples of short term goals could be:
To gain 2kgs of muscle in 6 weeks – Hurricane XS could help
To lose 4kgs of fat in 6 weeks – Thermopure could help
Examples of Long term goals could be:
To gain an inch of size on my arms – Impact Whey Protein could help
To have abs and a flat stomach – CLA could help
To complete the half marathon I have planned – ENER:GEL could help

Now set out to create yourself 5 short term goals for yourself and at least 2 long term goals!


2.       Fuel Your Ambition

Fuel Your Ambition
Now that you have your goals set, you need a path to follow. Our Your Goals section of the site has training plans mapped out for your convenience and whatever your goal may be there’s a plan to suit your needs. We also have everything to fuel your training, essentials like Training Gloves, Lifting Straps and Foam Rollers to amazing pieces of kit like Liquid Chalk and Resistance Bands. Our vast range of training accessories and aids will make sure that you have all the necessary tools to fuel your ambition.


3.       Fuel Your Diet

Fuel Your Diet
Ever heard the saying “You can’t out train a bad diet”? Nutrition is of the upmost importance when following any training protocol. Putting high quality nutritious foods in your body will ensure you’re fuelling your body in the best way possible. Scales can be a very useful tool in achieving maximum accuracy with supplementation and food. Utilising healthy fats such as Peanut Butter or Almond Butter will provide your body with essential micronutrients that will naturally boost your energy and also your results. If time is a hindrance for you then products like our Protein Cookies or bars are perfect for on the go snacking or for those times when you just can’t eat easily or prepare a meal.


4.       Keep Motivated

Keep Motivated
We know it can be hard to stay motivated all year round but don’t give up at the first hurdle you come across. Remember why you began your journey and take a look at your personal goals. Look at the ones you’ are close to achieving and realise that progress, whether big or small, is still progress. You’re better than before you started your journey and that in itself is massive progress. Poor recovery can also make it hard to have motivation to get up and train. Make use of Recovery XS or our pre-workout products to help in situations where you need a physical rather than mental boost.


5.       Take it to the Next Level

Take It To The Next Level
You’ve taken your training up a gear so now you’re ready to do the same with your diet and supplements. If you want to take it to the next level then our MP MAX range is for you. Kick weight loss up a notch with Thermo-Extreme or Elle True Diet, or reward yourself with one of our premium protein products such as Total Peptide or True Whey, designed to treat your taste buds with a thicker type shake.



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