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Have You Tried Our Latest Superfood Porridge?

Trying to find the ideal balanced breakfast? Want something quick and easy to prepare to fit in with your busy lifestyle? Want something filling to satisfy you until lunch?

Porridge oats are the perfect breakfast component to stay healthy whilst satisfying your morning munchies. Oats have a low Glycaemic index (GI) and are high in soluble fibre so release energy over a prolonged period, keeping you fuller for longer. The soluble fibre helps keep blood sugar levels more steady so can help reduce sugar cravings throughout the morning. Oats are a very diverse ingredient and can be eaten hot in the winter or eaten cold as overnight oats in the summer. A scoop of protein powder can help add sweetness and maintain muscle.

Look no further.

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The Active Women Superfood Porridge sachets have arrived. A delicious blend of gluten free oats, whey protein, chia seeds, flaxseeds and trending superfoods including green tea and bee pollen.
The individual sachets are the perfect breakfast component to throw in your bag every morning. With each sachet containing 10.12g of protein and a variety of superfoods including Maca and Bee pollen this is the perfect way to maintain muscles whilst also boosting daily vitamins and mineral intake. The porridge is the perfect morning pick me up to support an active lifestyle.

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Key Benefits


✓  10.12g of protein per sachet

 Contains trending superfoods such as maca, lucuma, green tea and bee pollen

 All natural flavours

 Low sugar

 Source of fibre

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