Your Guide To Tech Range Clothing

Tech Range Clothing

You may be technical with your meal prep, measuring your macros and counting your calories. You may also be technical with your workouts, researching your reps and building your progress. But shouldn’t you also be technical with your gym gear? Our latest clothing ranges combine the best science has to offer, providing clothing to support you whatever your goals.

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The Dry-Tech range is ideal for when you are getting your heartbeat racing. The slim fit, moisture wicking design of the range makes it ideal to work up a sweat in. You’ll more comfortable as you push yourself, making you more efficient at keeping cool.

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Myprotein’s Seamless clothing offers you lightweight slim fit clothing that is both moisture wicking and breathable.



The only thing tougher than pushing yourself to a new PB is trying to do it while you’re self-conscious of your wardrobe. Style aside, if your clothes are a perfect fit and offer you great support, you’ll feel fantastic. The Heartbeat range is designed to be totally squat proof, so you can stretch however you like with confidence. The slim fit range feels like it was tailor-made for your body.

Unlike some other slim fit styles, the breathable fabric allows maximum comfort – even as your workout pushes you out of your comfort zone!

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For breathable slim fit clothing that also offers you support, Crossback is ideal. You can raise your game as high as your determination will let you, without worrying about your active wear holding you back.





This range keeps you at your best in all weathers. Whether you’re working out in the great outdoors, or simply making your way to the gym, you’ll be covered. Shower resistant yet lightweight, this range will support you rather than hinder you as you stay warm and dry.
Unlike other outerwear, you’ll find this slim fit range compliments your gym wear in tailoring. Clever panel design offers you freedom of movement while fitting to your shape. Plus, you’ll find a secure pocket in all these clothes.

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When you wear Superlite clothing, you’ll benefit from Slim fit active wear that offers you a secure pocket and breathable material.

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Fast Track


If you want ultimate comfort while you picking up the pace, this is for you. This lightweight and loose fit range will help your body to cool down efficiently, especially when coupled with the moisture wicking material used. This range also offers an extra element of safety for outdoor workouts, with reflective panelling built in to make you stand out.

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The Air range also offers a loose fit and lightweight design to give you freedom of movement as you work out. This range is also totally squat proof, so there’s nothing you can’t do with confidence.

With Flow, you’ll find your gym wardrobe is breathable and moisture wicking as well as loose fit and lightweight, so your skin doesn’t have to work as hard as your muscles.

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