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Seamless Ombre

Fresh for 2018, we decided to take our much-loved Seamless range to new heights. We’re starting the year with style, and we’re proud to unveil Seamless Ombre.

It’s our latest twist on knitted performance innovation, crafted using high-quality, super-soft yarns to provide you with unbeatable comfort and maximum support. But the first thing you’ll notice about this collection is its striking colour-fade detail – this is a gym kit that’ll make you the envy of the changing rooms.

They say you can have anything you want in life if you dress for it, so why not look the part for your next workout. Seamless Ombre is engineered to define.

Seamless Ombre and your workout

It’s a match made in heaven, honestly. Seamless Ombre combines stunning style with truly innovative performance enhancement. Every piece of the collection blends comfort, support and sweat-wicking technology – keeping everything in check as you give your all to training.

And when it looks this good, you may find it becomes a regular feature out of the gym too…


Dress up for your date with the weights – wearing Seamless Ombre will give you enough of a buzz to get going, even before a pre-workout. Our leggings have the strength and stretch to see you through your squat sets, and you can curl with freedom in our racer-back, fitted vest. Plus, our breathable bra will keep you secure and supported during every rep.

HIIT Workouts

Don’t let ill-fitting clothing hold you back from your cardio. Seamless Ombre is built for your body – it’ll move as you do, working with you through every action. The racer-back finish on our bra and vest will make sure you have a full range of motion, from burpees to star jumps, and our hoodie’s the perfect extra layer for outdoor running or cycling.

Our designers have crafted this collection to react when things start hotting up – the fabric will pull moisture from your body to the exterior, where it can evaporate more easily. Say goodbye to cold sweat trickling down your back mid-workout.


You need comfort and flexibility to help you through every pose – from Mountain right down to Cobra. You can be confident in any class, as our mid-rise, squat-proof leggings will give you cover even in Downward-Facing Dog, and our slim-fit vest gives plenty of twisting room. Our hoodie’s a perfect, light-weight layer of warmth too, ideal for this type of low-intensity workout.


Okay, so we’ve all done it – worn active-wear when we’ve been slightly less than active. The beauty of this collection is that it’ll keep you comfy whatever you’re doing with your day, and you’ll look great too. Plus, you really can break a sweat carrying bags to your car, or taking the kids to school, so why not be prepared?

So what’s in the collection?

Seamless Ombre Bra

Beginning with the basics, this is an essential piece for any and every workout. Our newly-designed sports bra is constructed to deliver medium support, with a flattering racer-back to give you maximum range of motion. Finished, of course, with soft monochrome colour changes. What’s not to love?

Seamless Ombre Vest

Another staple for your gym kit. We’ve created a vest with intricate knit technology to deliver you a second-skin fit with racer-back detailing. Combined with the contouring textures and ombre colour changes – you’ll be turning heads alright.

Seamless Ombre Hoodie

Our brand new addition to the Seamless range – get your hands on this quick! With a super-soft, figure-hugging fit and a hood for extra warmth, it’s the perfect layer for early morning or late night sessions. Complete with contouring textures of grey to black – you’ll be catching eyes even as you cover up.

Seamless Ombre Leggings              

The crowning jewel of the collection. Our striking, second-skin leggings are tight, contour-textured and – most importantly – totally squat-proof. They’re medium-rise, complete with an elasticated jacquard waistband for smoothing support and ultimate shape-enhancement. Slip into these for a statement, ladies!

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