5 Reasons To Love Our Seamless Clothing Range

You could say that the Seamless collection is the crowning jewel of our clothing range. It’s one of our biggest and best-performing collections, and it’s not hard to see why. But, just in case you aren’t familiar with the ins and outs of how great it is, we’re here to talk you through the top five highlights.

It feels good on. Like, really good.

Simply put, the lack of seams in this clothing range goes a long way to reduce irritation and chaffing – ideal for workout wear that you’re going to be moving about in. No matter what stretch you choose to contort yourself into during your warm-up or cool-down, you’ll be free from distracting itches.

On top of this unique feature, every single piece, from our Shape Seamless Sports Bra to our Sculpt Seamless Tank, is crafted with super-soft yarns to create the comfiest, silkiest feeling fabric that you won’t be able to stop running your hands over.

And each piece has been carefully constructed to fit like a second skin, moving just as you do throughout any activity – whether you’re into yoga, running, or weightlifting, you’ll have maximum freedom. No one wants to feel restricted by ill-fitting gymwear that flaps around or rides up as soon as your arms are even slightly raised – Seamless provides a smooth, streamlined finish that you’ll barely notice is there (‘til you spot your reflection and notice how good it looks).

It’ll work with you through a workout

Okay, so picture this. You’ve actually found the motivation to get stuck into an especially intense cardio session – maybe it’s a spin class, maybe it’s sprints on the treadmill. You’re only a few minutes in, but you can already feel a damp patch of sweat growing on your lower back. It’s really making your top stick and cling to your body – you might even have the pleasure of feeling a trickle of cold sweat run all the way down your spine too…

Not if you’re wearing Seamless.

Our thoughtful designers have used special lightweight, sweat-wicking material with this exact scenario in mind. Unlike that oversized tee you found at the bottom of your wardrobe and just threw on, the Seamless fabric actually works with you when things start to go up a gear. It’ll pull the moisture away from your body and draw it to the exterior – where it can be more easily evaporated. Clever, right?

It’s a built-in feature for all Seamless pieces. So, whether you’re wearing the Sculpt Seamless T-Shirt, the Shape Seamless Vest, or the Shape Seamless Crop Top – you can enjoy not feeling like a drowned rat at the end of your run. (Unless your chosen route is anywhere outdoors in Manchester.)

It’ll bring out your best 

Another thoughtful touch from our expert designers – they’ve used unique knitted technology to create contouring panels in every piece. The result? Stand out definition and the ultimate shape enhancement.

Ladies, I’m especially talking about the Seamless Leggings. These come complete with the most flattering two-tone textured panels, which perfectly compliment your ass-ets. Oh, and they’re totally squat-proof too which is a perk worth shouting about in itself.

For the guys, well our latest Seamless collection is aptly named ‘Sculpt’ which surely says enough. We know you want to show off the muscles you’ve put in the hours, sweat, blood, and tears to build, instead of hiding them away under a loose layer that’s not doing anything for anyone. Whatever your preferred style, our Sculpt Seamless Tank, T-Shirt, Long-Sleeve T-Shirt and ¼ Zip-Top all feature shaping textured panels to deliver the finest pec-skimming, bicep-hugging fit.

It’ll add variety to your gym kit

When it comes to Seamless, the choice is all yours. Of course we deliver the gym kit staple shades – black, navy, grey, etc. – but with most pieces we’ve gone the extra mile to provide you with a whole range of brighter options as well. Because why not liven up your training sessions?

Our much-loved Seamless Sports Bra and Seamless T-Shirt, for example, come in fabulous shades of turquoise, smoke blue, or pink haze. We’ve also got the gorgeous pastel colours of Shape Seamless – our brand new collection that’s coming just in time for the long-awaited transition to spring/summer. Get the Shape Seamless Vest and Crop Top in pale blue or pale coral and officially wave winter goodbye.

The men’s Seamless range comes in some great bold colours too – enjoy the Seamless Tank or ¼ Zip-Top in green or bright blue. Or, you could take it premium with the newest range, as the Sculpt Seamless T-Shirt and Long-Sleeve T-Shirt are available in sleek silver.

With so many options you’ll never get bored with your workout wardrobe.

We’re always updating it to stay on trend

Fashion moves too – and if you’re putting in the time and effort to get yourself to training or the gym, then we think that you deserve the latest on-point styles to kit yourself up in.

We want to deliver comfort and style to every one of your workouts, so you have confidence from the moment you step into the changing room, all the way to the final whistle. It’s cliché we know, but if you’re looking the part, chances are your performance will hit the mark too.

That’s why we’re on hand with showstoppers like our Seamless Ombre range, which features a Sports Bra, Vest, Hoodie, and Leggings – all with an amazing ombre colour-fade finish.

Why settle for anything less than performance clothing that can deliver the all-important technical details and have you turning heads?


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