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Brown Rice Protein

Plant-based protein — a vegan boost to power your gains

  • Vegetarian
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free

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Top Customer Reviews

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Stop complaining about the taste!

People need to stop complaining about the taste of this - it is unflavoured! You need to get the flavour from elsewhere, e.g. the flavdrops they sell on here or some fruit in a blender. Complaining about the taste of an unflavoured product is probably the most idiotic thing you could do in a review! The product mixes well, has great macros and is perfect for anybody on a plant-based diet. I could not recommend it more.
Goes Well With:
flavdrops (I like vanilla)

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Brown Rice Protein

If you're after non a non dairy protein source then this is it, mixes well and with around 24g protein with each 30g scoop you can't go to wrong. The taste however is something else, some people comparing it to cardboard are not far off, but it has to be one of the most disgusting tastes ever. It's taste is so over powering, I've tried to make protein pancakes, protein flapjacks etc. using this protein as opposed to whey but you can't escape the gritty nature and vile taste. When it comes to shakes I've tried to mix it with cinnamon, cocoa powder, honey, chia seeds and a range of others just to try and partly remove the taste but I simply cannot. I've literally just purchased a smoothie maker, so will try and mix fruits etc. with the protein to see if I can get away from the horrible taste. I'm not actually lactose intolerant like some people are, I choose not to take whey protein as I'm a sufferer of acne, and if any of you do any research with regards to whey protein and acne, then you will understand the situation I'm in. I stopped taking whey about 2/3 months back, but it's so hard to get the right amount of proteins in my diet to hit my macros without the odd shake or two during the day, hence why I searched for non-dairy protein shake source. If anyone is looking to take this as a whey alternative due to acne like myself, so far I can tell you I've had no adverse effects so far, just the taste makes it so hard to bare. All I can say is grit your teeth and drink this as fast as you can, have water next to use each time as after every mouthful your mouth becomes dry as if you've just swallowed some chalk. I've given this 4 stars purely based on the reason why we take this - to add protein to our diets to compliment our training and it does that. Good luck!
Goes Well With:
Nothing to my knowledge so far...

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Good for throwing back

I have recently switched to vegan shakes, the whey ones can be a bit sticky when washing the cup and I get a bit bloated. The hemp and rice I have tried have not had that issue. This one is quite chalky but the shaker with the metal thing in mixes up really well. This doesnt taste as good as a blueberry cheescake shake with cinnamon topping of course but it does get the job done. I havent tried the flavour drops but if you are looking for a cheaper alternative try vimto or any other brand of concentrated fruit drink. Pour a bit of that in and it adds enough sweetness to throw it back no problem. This isnt a three course lobster and steak meal its extra protein, pure and simple.
Goes Well With:
My digestive system

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Guilt free, flavour free

Chances are if you're looking at brown rice protein it's for ethical or dietary reasons, so milk based either isn't an option or you'd rather avoid it. The main criticism in these reviews is the taste. Does this taste as good as a double chocolate fudge whey smoothie (aka a milkshake)? No. It's powdery and tastes horrendous unless mixed with something like peanut butter or banana. Is it the best plant based protein powder? IMO yes. It's cheap, it's got a relatively high protein content compared to other options, brown rice is grown in abundance and far, far more friendly to the environment and animals than milk production. I've not seen any change in hunger or muscle mass since switching from whey. But, at the end of the day, it's better for the environment and animals, so it's worth the loss of flavour for me.
Goes Well With:
I blend a scoop of brown rice protein with soy milk, a scoop of instant oats, half a frozen banana and some dark roasted peanut butter. The frozen banana gives it a milkshake texture and sweetness, and the dark roast is strong enough to cover the protein.

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Like drinking cement - but better for you than whey

If you are considering buying this product, it is because you have read up on the benefits of supplementing your diet with a plant-based protein supplement and not animal product like whey/dairy. It certainly is not because of the taste, which I can assure you is much worse than you could ever possibly imagine, without having taste it. There is a strong similarity with a sandy/dust that you might find in a hot climate in texture, appearance and smell. Generally i hold my nose and drink as quickly as i can, but i have not yet found a workaround for the mixture clinging to the back of my throat and almost suffocating me. The taste tends to linger, unless followed by a banana or other sugary fruit (good post workout). But, i do feel less bloated than with whey and am certainly having less stomach problems than I did using whey. I generally feel a bit better, lighter and cleaner than when i drank whey protein.
Goes Well With:
not much

Was this helpful?

worth a try

Choosing the best vegan protein for you it really takes time!! I've started with soy, honestly I really liked it, its dense(the chocolate and the strawberry version), becomes more like a pudding- so its feeding you and your muscles and the taste is good. However, you should note that if you are intollerant to lactose/whey protein, soy might have the same effects on you plus your body becomes resistant to soy after a while, so its good to change. I ordered this brown rice protein after as I had heard many people were using it. For me after 2 months I can say that it was not working, it caused me terrible intestinal gases and I didn't feel that my muscles are fed at all. The consistence and the taste is really like carton box soaked in water no matter how u try to flavor it. I can only state this after a month on VeganBlend protein which contains less rice- the terrible gases disappeared immediately and I feel more satisfied. Try out everything, and see it for yourself before writing terrible comments.
Goes Well With:
I couldn't find anything strong enough to balance the taste

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Better than expected

I was expecting some awful taste after reading the reviews but I am actually impressed. Yes, it tastes like cardboard and, like any protein drink I've ever had, it is awful. My digestive system doesn't take whey proteins very well, so before this I hat the pea one. That one tastes so bad (to me) that I'd rather go to the dentist that have it. I'm surprised I somehow found the willpower to finish that pack. This one on the other hand, is like vanilla ice-cream compared to that. I can easily drink it raw, and if I blend in some frozen strawberries it is almost delicious. It digests well in my case, no side effects. Pro tip: mix the drink to be a bit watery, then hold your nose while you chug it down in 2 goes (or 1 if you can handle it). You can drink the most awful concoctions this way and suffer minimally.

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It's actually fine

Mixes well in coconut milk and in porridge - better than whey in my experience. Taste seems neutral and clean to me, much prefer and no weird feeling after consumption, which I used to get with whey and casein. I'd recommended it.

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Great stuff

Much cheaper and more effective than whey, taste is meh dont really care
Goes Well With:

Was this helpful?

Gets the job done!

I use this the last 6 weeks before bodybuilding comp instead of regular whey to avoid lactose. Gritty but that's what you'd expect.
Goes Well With:
Porridge, honey and almond milk

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