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Training The Rich And Famous | Top 3 Tips

By Myprotein | In Nutrition | on April 13, 2017
Training The Rich And Famous | Top 3 Tips
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Written by Jamie Bantleman

Training The Rich and Famous

When working with clients from all different backgrounds we have to diversify the way in which we coach them. In this article, I am going to write about how I adapt training programmes to suit those lucky individuals jet-setting around the world working on their business ventures or taking time away from the rain and cold of the UK to bathe in the heat on the sandy beaches of foreign lands.


Here, I will show you my top tips to stay in shape while away from home. From working out in hotel gyms or even in your room with bodyweight exercises to avoiding meals on your flight with the correct preparation. Working at one of the most exclusive health clubs in the UK, Hale Country Club, I am constantly working with these types of people, and while they are travelling the globe, conquering their trade, health and wellbeing still remain their top priorities… well in my head it does!!

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Tip Number 1: Meal preparation


Before travelling it is important to take 2 meals with you before you leave your door. One of these meals will be there for when you get to the airport to avoid the expensive and unhealthy meals, the other is there for the flight. Although, if you are sat in business class or above you are usually provided with a reasonably nutritious meal, it is important to play safe and prepare yourself for a healthy meal.


Tip Number 2: Fix the sweet tooth


When travelling we are always tempted by sweet indulgences, the beauty of having Myprotein as our number 1 sports nutrition company in the UK is that there is a variety of sweet tooth kerbing protein cookies and brownies with a variety of amazing flavours such as cookies and cream, chocolate, rookie road and white chocolate.


Tip Number 3: Hotel workouts


When my clients are at home and working out in the gym they have a structured programme that suits their needs, however, even the very best hotels sometimes don’t have the right equipment to simply transfer your programme over to another gym. Therefore I ask my clients to send me pictures of the gym they are using while away for me to build them a plan. If you don’t have a trainer, you should check out the gym before using it and ensure you know exactly what is in there for you to prepare a programme.


Often there are times when you are away and you don’t have a gym at all in the hotel; therefore a simple bodyweight workout in the hotel room can work well. Exercises such as press ups, burpees, lunges, squats and V-sits are all great exercises you can combine as a giant set to make a tough bodyweight circuit in a small space in the hotel room. You can also get some light gym equipment from Myprotein’s equipment range to pack your bags such as the ab roller and resistance bands to add into your hotel room workout plan.

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    Myprotein Ab Roller
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    Myprotein Pilates Resistance Tubing
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Training The Rich And Famous | Top 3 Tips
1 vote, 5.00 avg. rating (86% score)

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