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Up For A Challenge? Try Scott Britton’s Strong Mind Bleep Test

If those home HIIT sessions are starting to drag, get yourself out the house and push your mind and body to the limit with this tough bleep test designed by none other than functional fitness pro, Scott Britton (@scottbrits) 

All you need is some open space, so whether you do it on your street or at the local park, it’s the perfect workout for getting you out the house and getting it done. This workout will either make you or break you — it’s up to you how far you push it and how many rounds you can complete. 

Let’s do this. 

The Strong Mind Bleep Test


Set up 20m shuttle run space, then complete the following increasing sequence :

  • 1 x shuttle run back and forth 
  • 1 x burpee & sit up 
  • add 1 more rep for every run (explained below)

The goal is to add one more rep to each subsequent additional shuttle run — that means run 20m, stop and do 1 burpee and 1 sit up, then run again. As this is your second run, afterwards, do 2 burpees and 2 sit ups, and so on.  

This may sound simple, but as it builds up, it’ll push you to the limits. If you’re short on time and looking to really push yourself, try and hit these time goals:

20-min option

Complete the workout but aim for the following conditions:

  • Minute 5 be on round 9 of the test 
  • Minute 10 be on round 17 of the test 
  • Minute 15 be on round 25 of the test 
  • Minute 20 complete rounds 30  

Feel like you could do this all day (or for an hour…)? Take it up a level and perform this challenge for 60 minutes. Tag us in your efforts @myprotein on Instagram and let us know how many rounds you manage.

Strong mind option — 60 min max test

See how many rounds of shuttle run, burpee & sit up you can achieve. 


Take home message

This workout is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. Whether you do it for 20 minutes or a horrifying 60 minutes, Scott’s designed this workout to push you to the limits of your mental and physical fitness. Check out more from Scott on his Instagram @scottbrits 

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