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Ruth Naylor’s 12-Week Post-Cancer Recovery Journey With Myprotein

Ruth Naylor, a 33-year-old busy mother and company director, who has candidly documented her harrowing battle with a rare form of blood cancer, has finally been given the all clear and beaten the disease.

For the last ten months, Ruth has used physical exercise as an outlet, which she expresses was to maintain her sanity, finding inner peace during her emotional journey.

Supporting the community of individuals that are passionate about their health, fitness, and wellbeing is a part of our core values at Myprotein, so we’re working with Ruth on her recovery journey over a 12-week period to rebuild both her physical and mental health and wellbeing.

‘This is not a body transformation. My body is not a project. This is a body and mind rebuild with many more aspects than just food and the gym.’

‘Myself and my very patient trainer, Tom, are now working with Myprotein to bring you my recovery journey and to demonstrate that exercise is not something you need to be ‘well’ in order to undertake. We want to show you the good bits, the bad bits and the parts of a recovery programme that you may not normally see.’

Follow Ruth’s journey on @Myproteinwomen on Instagram and Myprotein’s Active Women on Facebook, where Ruth will be keeping you updated on her progress throughout her road to recovery.

Ruth’s Story

‘Hey, I’m Ruth. A 33-year-old busy mum, building a business, raising 2 young children and having as much fun along the way as I can get away with.

Or I was, until August 2017 when, out of the blue, with few symptoms, I was diagnosed with blood cancer, Hodgkins Lymphoma and a huge tumour in the lymph nodes in my chest.

For 10 long months, I’ve been fighting this disease and its side effects with a whole lot of chemotherapy and a truckload of love from my friends and family.’

Ruth Naylor

‘Last month, I got the news I’d been literally dying to hear…. I got my all clear.’

‘Now, as someone who has always considered themselves fit and well but, in truth, was only playing at it, I’m slowly starting to rebuild my body and mind.

Cancer, like any trauma, has a huge psychological impact, whilst the treatment of chemotherapy itself takes its toll physically.

I lost my hair, nails, my ability to sleep and potentially my fertility but I’m still here to tell the tale and I want to share my recovery with you.’

‘I’m no gym bunny and probably not your typical Myprotein partner, but what you’ll see here is entirely real.’

‘For the last 10 months, I’ve exercised as best as I could when I felt able to, even if this was only to stick my trainers on to walk around the block. This exercise has kept me sane and I try to exercise my body as a way to find peace in my mind.’



‘How far can the structure of training, the rigour of exercise, the focus on the right foods and my mental wellbeing go to aid my overall recovery over a 3-month period? We’re about to find out and share it all with you.’

Follow Ruth’s journey on @Myproteinwomen on Instagram and Myprotein’s Active Women on Facebook, where Ruth will be keeping you updated on her progress throughout her road to recovery.

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Jennifer Blow

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