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Myprotein Fitness Blogger Awards 2015 – The Shortlist

After weeks of voting and hundreds of nominations, we have a shortlist of your favourite blogs!

The Blogger Awards were set up to celebrate the effort and amazing work of the health and fitness community and we are delighted to have received nominations for hundreds of fantastic blogs.

Our shortlist below consists of those blogs with the most nominations from the public, now it is the judges turn to decide their favourites!

Next week on the 28th October we will announce the two winners of each category who will receive £50 Myprotein vouchers to spend on our website!

Once the winners have been announced, we will send badges to both winners and all those shortlisted so they can proudly display their achievement.

Thanks for voting and congratulations to those nominated!

Myprotein Bloggers Fitness Awards 2015


Best Fitness Blog

Carly Rowena: carlyrowena.com
Gymbags & Gladrags: Gymbagsandgladrags.com
Keep it simpElle: keepitsimpelle.com
PT Mollie: ptmollie.com
Fitcetera: fitcetera.co.uk
Fitology: thefitologyway.com
Project Hot Bitch: Projecthb.co.uk
The Blonde Ethos: theblondeethos.com
Wedges & Weights: wedgesandweights.com
That’s My Mum: thatsmymum.com

Best Bodybuilding and Strength Blog:

Fat Girl Gone Fit: fatgirl-gonefit.com
Elliot Hulse: elliotthulse.com/blog-2
Lift-Run-Bang: lift-run-bang.com
Powerlifting to Win: powerliftingtowin.com
Powerlifting University: powerliftinguniversity.com
The Cut: theeditt.com
Revive with Steve Hall: revivestronger.com
The Fitness Maverick: thefitnessmaverick.com
Verena Stefanie Fitness: verenastefanie-fitness.com
Live Work Train: liveworktrain.com

Best Healthy Cooking Blog:

Hungry Healthy Happy: hungryhealthyhappy.com
Niomi Smart: niomismart.com
Greens of the Stone Age: greensofthestoneage.com
Protein Chef: proteinchef.co.uk
The DK: thedk.co.uk
Cee Fee Dunn: ceefeedunn.com/blog.php
Whole Heartedly Healthy: wholeheartedlyhealthy.com
Paleo with Mrs P: paleowithmrsp.com
Core Kitchen: corekitchen.co.uk
Healthy Jon: healthyjon.wordpress.com

Best Healthy Lifestyle Blog

Bangs & A Bun: bangsandabun.com
L.E.M: lydiaelisemillen.com
LDN Muscle: ldnmuscle.com
Annie Jaffrey: anniejaffrey.com
Learning Patience: thehinzadventures.com
Hannah Maggs: hannahmaggs.co.uk
Phat Cupcake: phatcupcake.com
This Womans Word: thiswomansword.com
Happily Annie: happilyannie.com
A Balanced Belly: abalancedbelly.co.uk

Best Running Blog

Milly Voice: millyvoice.uk
HelsBels: helsbels.org.uk
Mind Over Matter: mindovermatterblog.net
Running for August: runningforaugust.com
Lucy Lunges: lucylunges.co.uk
Food and lycra: foodandlycra.com
Lissy runs: lissyruns.com
The Runner Beans: therunnerbeans.com
Miss Wheezy: misswheezy.co.uk
The Fit Bits: thefitbits.com

Best Vegetarian Blog

Powered by Peanut Butter: poweredbypeanutbutter.com
Plant Built Vegan Muscle: plantbuilt.com/blog
Veggie Runners: veggierunners.com
Vegan Runner Eats: veganrunnereats.com
The Gourmet Vegan: theveganhousehold.com
Parsley Soup: parsleysoup.co.uk
Plant Plate: plantplate.com
My General Life: mygenerallife.co.uk
Happy Blueberry: happyblueberry.co.uk
Tinned Tomatoes: tinnedtomatoes.com



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