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Our Strongest Year To Date

We’ve been very busy at Myprotein Head Quarters in Cheshire over the last year – and what a year we’ve had!

Here’s a peek into just some of the exciting projects and successes we’ve seen in 2015… None of which could have been possible without your unwavering support!

myprotein across the globe

Myprotein Across The Globe

We now ship to over 60 destinations and now have over 20 live websites – which is set to expand rapidly to over 50 in 2016. Our three core principles really set us apart from the rest, and have allowed for the global success we have seen so far!

✓ Finest Quality Ingredients

… Without a shadow of a doubt! Our best-selling whey protein comes from Europe’s leading dairy producers and we test products both internally and externally to make sure that you only get the best.

✓ Cutting Edge Innovation

We launch new products every week to ensure you have everything you need to fuel your ambition. These products range from revolutionary high-protein foods to our ever-expanding clothing apparel.

✓ Unrivalled Product range

We listen to all our customers needs and wants and as a result have over 2,500 products available – giving our customers the biggest range in the market by a long way.

myprotein high quality products

Focus On Quality

Our mission is to deliver the highest quality products at the best possible prices – and here are just a few steps we have made to assure that we live up to it.

✓ BRC Food Safety certified

The British Retail Consortium have certified Myprotein with the A Grade for Food Safety, and at the time of writing we are the only sports nutrition brand in Europe to bear such a quality stamp!

✓ NIR High-Quality Product Testing

All of our products are made using the finest quality ingredients, sourced from Europe’s leading suppliers. At Myprotein, we have also invested in state-of-the-art machinery to ensure we have a world-class manufacturing facility that is proudly represented as the best in Europe.

As part of this, we are able to test every single raw ingredient on entry into our factory, and every finished product before it leaves, using our Near Infra Red Technology – giving you the assurance that what you read on the label is what is in our products!


Any brand can say they have world-class testing procedures, so to give our customers 100% peace of mind we work with our quality partners – ALS, who use stringent UKAS testing procedures on our products to ensure they live up to our quality standards.

✓ LabDoor

LabDoor are an independent company who test and grade sports nutrition products to enable customers to make educated choices in the industry.  We’re proud to hold the No.1 spot for both quality and value for our Impact Whey Isolate, and all our products they’ve ranked are right at the top.

✓ Informed Sport

Myprotein work with Informed-Sport to reassure athletes that our products do not contain WADA (World Anti Doping Agency) banned and/or prohibited substances.

myprotein cutting edge innovation

Cutting Edge Innovation

Myprotein has had an incredibly innovative year with the release of over 470 brand new products!

We’ve worked hard to create product ranges to cater for all different types of health and fitness goals, to ensure the best possible results for you.

✓ Spotlight on Snacking

Early 2015 saw the release of delicious high-protein snacks, such as Protein BreadLow-Fat Protein Cheese, and Protein Breadsticks made with soy protein isolate and extra-virgin olive oil. Since then, this range has only expanded with the introduction of guilt-free snacks guaranteed to tickle those taste buds and help you reach your macros in the healthiest way possible – without missing out on all your favourite foods!

✓ The Naturals Range™

Sourced from some of the the finest, nutritionally-rich super-foods on the planet, we bring you our brand new Organic, Naturals Range™! Our health-boosting range consists of powerful, dairy-free protein’s, such as Organic Hemp Protein Powder and Raw Organic Chia Seeds – to dried fruits and vegetables and vitamin-packed Cacao, Maca and Camu Camu Powder! These specific products have been source from exotic locations from all over the world – and are 100% organic, as approved by The Soil Association.

✓ Impact Whey Protein™ – over 50 flavours!

Europe’s No.1 whey protein now boasts over 50 amazing new flavours, leaving plenty of choice for all – such as Peanut cookie, Pecan pie, Cinnamon Danish, Blueberry cheesecake, Sticky toffee pudding and Salted caramel – just to name a few!

Stay tuned in 2016 for …

The full release of products into our new Active Women’s Range – including our Green Vegan protein powder and delicious Skinny Protein Cookies. Our Skinny Protein Bites are currently live on site and are going down a treat!

AND … the rest of the MY Range. This range, which began with MYPRE™ , has always been about the highest quality ingredients and is about to get bigger!

myprotein clothing

Myprotein Clothing

2015 has been a BIG year for clothing and we now offer the widest range of high quality fitness clothing for male and female gym-goers, CrossFitters, yoga enthusiasts and endurance athletes.

We’re proud to say that we now have over 450 different lines of high quality, affordable clothing and are confident we have the training essentials you need to perform at your best.

✓ Men’s Performance Collection

We work with top suppliers to ensure our clothing leads the way with innovative fabric technologies and the latest fitness styles. Our new men’s performance collection features premium quality stringers, long-sleeved tops, hoodies and t-shirts made from a unique blend of viscose and lycra to ensure that you remain cool and comfortable during your workout.

✓ Women’s Gym Clothing

2015 also saw dramatic expansion within our Myprotein Women’s Clothing range, with the release of our new patterned collection – featuring tank tops, adjustable sports bras, leggings and shorts in six specifically designed, unique patterns!

myprotein athletes

Myprotein Athletes

The Myprotein team are taking over the globe! To date, our athletes and ambassadors come from a wide-variety of sporting backgrounds, and from a whopping 30 different countries!

Some highlights for Team Myp this year include the addition of Portugal’s #1 Football team – FC Porto to the family, alongside GB discus athletes Brett Morse and GB runners Andy Vernon and Scott Overall. We are immensely proud of all of our athletes and the amazing accolades they have seen this year!…Just to name a few:

✓ Abby Pell, Carly Thornton, Nina Ross turned Pro and have competed globally.

✓ Ian Marsden who won Gold at the European Championships in his KL1 Men’s 200m category.

✓ Vicky Spence who made it to the finals of the UKBFF Championships in her first ever year of competing.

✓ Carly Thornton and Nina Ross who have been awarded their Pro Card to become official IFBB women’s physique athletes.

✓ Kara Halliwell and her team (Team JST) won the Strength in Depth 2015 CrossFit event.

We would also like to give a huge congratulations to our newest recruit, Beyond Ambition Competition winner Robert Masser, for beating our ambassador challenges and becoming a Myprotein athlete himself – we’re looking forward to working with you in 2016! 

myprotein out and about

Myprotein Out & About

We’ve been across the globe sponsoring differing events this year and meeting our loyal customers.

Here are just a few of our highlights …

✓ Olympia 2015

We flew across the pond to Mr. Olympia in September and loved it! We gave out Myprotein samples at our booth and took five global ambassadors who got to hang out with thousands of loyal customers and fans.

✓ Myprotein Endurance Events

Our Endurance Range has continued to grow and thanks to our commitment to providing quality, trustworthy products and with our Informed-Sports Batch Tested Range, we are able to support world class athletes and sponsor local and global endurance events. These included being the main nutrition sponsor for the Manchester Marathon, the IUA World Championship Ultra Marathon in the Netherlands and the Rochdale Half Marathon.

✓ CrossFit Events

A big focus for Myp this year has been CrossFit – we have recruited the best CrossFit athletes, launched a range of CrossFit specific clothing and equipment and sponsored world-renowned CrossFit Events.

We started with The Athlete Games in January, in which over 300 athletes competed! We loved it so much that we sponsored The British Championships in July and the Super Team Cup in October. It was great to meet so many incredible athletes and spread the word about Myprotein into this community!

myprotein nutrition and fitness hub the zone

Myprotein’s Fitness and
Nutrition Hub

The Zone is Myprotein’s health and fitness advice hub. Known to many as Myprotein’s blog, people from all over the world visit The Zone to read high quality information on everything fitness – from different types of training to the best nutrition and the right supplements!

This year alone we have posted over 400 articles and 150 recipes for you to enjoy!

myprotein social media

Myprotein Social

Myprotein has built a solid following of 1.2 million people across all of our social platforms, so why not join our community of like-minded athletes on our channels?






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… Follow our latest news!

So there you have it – just a few of our achievements over the last year. Now we are gearing up to an even bigger and better 2016.

A big thank you from the whole Myp team for your continued to support and we wish you a healthy and happy 2016.



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