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Israel Adesanya Takes MyPRO

Israel Adesanya Takes MyPRO
Jamie Haleva
1 year ago

It’s officially here — MMA champion Israel Adesanya, AKA The Last Stylebender, has teamed up with MyPRO to launch a limited-edition bundle featuring brand-new flavours of your favourite products. This power-packed box features THE Whey in Fried Banana, THE EAA Boost in Dragon Punch, plus a custom Israel Adesanya protein shaker. .

THE Whey- Fried Banana

THE Whey combines a premium blend of whey protein isolate, whey protein concentrate, and hydrolysed whey protein to help you grow and maintain muscle mass. Each shake contains just 2g of fat, less than 2g of sugar, and less than 4g of carbohydrates. It also contains special enzymes to aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

The limited-edition Fried Banana flavour creates a super creamy and smooth shake, so your protein will feel like a treat while helping you reach your macros.


THE EAA Boost- Dragon Punch

If you want to build muscle, you have to get those amino acids in. And what better way to do it than with THE EAA? This formula is packed with 7g of essential amino acids to help you get those gains.

You’ll also find special ingredients like caffeine and electrolytes to help energise and hydrate your body, plus it’s formulated to promote absorption. Israel’s special edition THE EAA comes in refreshing Dragon Punch for a sweet burst of flavour.

To top things off, there’s also a custom Israel Adesanya shaker, which he helped design himself, so you can smash your supps and train like a true champ.


Take Home Message

Fuel yourself like a true pro and get your hands on the limited edition MyPRO x Israel Adesanya Bundle while you still can. Featuring delicious new flavours of THE Whey and THE EAA Boost to support high-level performance, plus a custom-designed shaker, it’s almost guaranteed to fly off the shelves.

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