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Ambassador Spotlight: Interview with Kaz Van Der Waard


Name: Kaz van der Waard

DOB: 11/02/1991

Height: 6ft 4

Current Weight: 100kg

Shoot Weight: 95Kg

Maintained Weight: 100Kg



Q1. How and when did you start training?


Played Basketball for the national team, lifting weight was part of the program. After I stopped playing Basketball I focused on fitness.



Q2. What did you do before you got into fitness modelling?


I was bartending in a popular club in the city of Amsterdam



Q3. Have you done any competitions?


Yes, I competed at Musclemania Europe in Barcelona. I won the men’s Physique tall class, the fitness model category and the overall. I’m a Musclemania Pro



Q4. Where is Your Favourite place to train?


Fitness365 Amsterdam, great training atmosphere. A lot of competitors and people that come to the gym to take care of business. Instead of talking and socializing.



Q5. What mistakes did you make as a newcomer to the gym?


Nutrition, I didn’t know anything about nutrition at the time. I was a very skinny kid. I figured as long as I eat as much as I can I will grow eventually, but not a lot happened.



Q6. What tips would you give to anyone struggling to stay consistent?


Don’t try to stay consistent, always try to improve.



Q7. What’s Your Favourite sport?


Basketball, MMA, Football and snowboarding. Snowboarding is the sport I enjoy the most, I only do this once or twice every year because I don’t live in the mountains. Buying a Chalet in Whistler is still a dream.



Q8. What’s Your Favourite Tv show?


Entourage is my all-time favorite, I watched all seasons a couple of times. I also watch ridiculousness a lot.



Q9. What do you do in your free time?


To be honest, I don’t have a lot of free time. I’m a Personal trainer on and offline and I run a healthy catering service called KCALculated food. The free time I have I spend with friends, having dinner, going out, going to the movies or playing Mario Kart or Supersmash bros on Wii U




Q10. Do you listen to music while you are training? If so, who are you listening too?


I listen to rap and hip-hop. The Game, 50 cent, Scarface, Eminem, Rick Ross, Slaughterhouse, Pusha T anything that hypes me up to lift more weights.



Q11. What do you think about when you have to dig deep for that last rep?


Often I think of a situation where I wanted to break somebody’s face and since we are not living in the time of gladiators. I just out my frustrations in the gym. It particularly helps during that last rep.



Q12. How far ahead do you plan your nutrition, if at all?


I only plan my nutrition before a contest. The rest of the year I’ll just count my proteins. I can eat quite a lot, because I’m a big dude with high metabolism and because of my genetics my body copes well with carbs.



Q13. What are you most proud of (inside or outside the gym)?


Winning multiple national basketball championships, playing for the national team on multiple European championships as a starting Guard.

Winning Musclemania Europe and earning my pro card

Running a Healthy Catering service at the age of 23

And of course being an Ambassador for MYPROTEIN



Q14. Do you bulk or stay lean all year round?


I stay lean all year round, I never go above 9% bf.



Q15. What types of cardio do you do?





Q16. What Are Your Current Training Goals?


Gaining 1kg of muscle mass before I go on stage at Musclemania Miami in June.



Q17. What is Your Current Training Regime?


Monday: Chest/biceps

Tuesday: Back/abs

Wednesday: Legs

Thursday: Chest/morning   arms/evening

Friday: Shoulders/abs

Saturday: Back/Biceps

Sunday: Legs< lightweight




Q18. What is Your Favourite muscle group to train?


That’s a really hard question, depends on my mood. As you can see, my schedule is different from the ones you see often. It is so diverse it never gets boring. I’ll make a top 3:

  1. Back
  2. Shoulders
  3. Legs



Q19. What is your typical diet plan when trying to Cut Fat and get ripped?


7 am – 50 grams of oats, with water, as porridge, mixed with one serving of whey protein

8:30 am – MyProtein Isolate

11:30 am – 100 grams of brown rice, with 150 grams of lean turkey/chicken.

12:30 pm – 300 grams of light quark

2 pm – 100 grams of brown rice, with 150-200 grams of lean turkey/chicken.

3 pm – 50 grams of oats

4 pm – Ricecrackers with roastbeef

6 pm – 100 grams of brown rice pasta and 200gr meat or fish.

8:30 pm – Myprotein Isolate whey

10:00 pm – 200gr light quark with 30gr myprotein casein

Supplements: l-glutamine, Bcaa, Creatine (not close to comp) whey isolate, casein, multivits.



Q20. Who are your favourite athletes, body builders or fitness models?


Lebron James NBA player THE KING

Lazar Angelov, hands down best physique I’ve ever seen



Q21. What is your Myprotein supplement stack?



L glutamine







Q22. What 3 tips would give to someone wanting to get in shape?


  1. Get a good training partner
  2. Work harder than everybody, no excuses!!
  3. Keep the alcohol to a minimum and (3.5) don’t forget to rest!



Q23. What is Your Fitness goal?


  • Winning Musclemania Universe in Miami



Q24. What pieces of advice would you give to someone wanting to become a fitness model?


  • You are your own representative, so take care of your Physique.
  • Create your own brand
  • Use social media to make yourself known
  • Try to find out what your biggest quality is and use that to your advantage
  • Networking, meet new people, don’t be afraid to approach anyone. We were all born naked




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