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We recently caught up with Myprotein ambassador Terry Hollands for a Facebook Q&A, read on for more.

  Q: Alan McLean: How many meals do you eat a day when in training for competitions? And would you recommend the ZMA supplement for before sleep?

A: Terry Hollands: I try to eat every 2 hours in my build up to comps. Sometimes it’s too much so replace a meal with a hurricane XS shake. I use ZMA and feel it has benefits.



Q: Elliott Giles:  My question is about weight lifting belts – I am increasing my major compunction lifts to nearly twice my body weight. When do you think a person would benefit from using a belt? I don’t honestly understand the concept of them or how it would help me.

A: Terry Hollands: A belt will help with injury prevention as it’ll help keep your lower back in a good position. It can also help by pushing your stomach against it which will help keep your core tight.



Q: Dafydd Roberts:  Terry, I currently compete under 90kg. I was at London strongest man competing when you were a ref. question for you. I see massive gains every week on all the apparatus (yoke 300, farmers 140, stones up to 155) but I really struggle with the log, been stuck on a 100kg for a while now. Any tips?

A: Terry Hollands: My log has always been a weakness but I have found if my triceps are very strong my log is better. I do lots of board presses and band/chain work.    



Q: Phillip Dorrian: Hey terry I am currently taking, multi vitamins, glutamine, whey protein, ZMA and creatine. Do you recommend I take any other supplements for weight lifting?

A: Terry Hollands: Phillip that all sounds great to me. Good diet on top and smart training and you’re set.



Q: Lee Johnson: 440 kg is a massive dead lift. How much more do you think is possible?

A:  Terry Hollands: Lee I’ve always believed Benni (fellow myprotein ambassador) could do 500kg one day.



Q: Dave Parkin: What pre workout shakes do you take terry to boost performance?

A: Terry Hollands: I do lots of interval training as I feel this has best carryover to strongman events. 15 minutes on cross trainer, 1 minute flat out then 2 steady pace and repeat. I use pulse v4 as my pre workout.


Q: Matt Clark:  Alright Terry, what exercise do you prefer for increased shoulder strength?

A: Terry Hollands: I do a huge range of shoulder exercises. I alternate them as I feel they all benefit.



Q: Dave Sweeney:  What you eat on a typical training day, how many grams of protein etc., also whether you have a “cheat” day and what you have?

A: Terry Hollands: I eat porridge and eggs for breakfast then chicken or steak with rice/sweet pots/pasta and veg every 2 hours. It’s not an exact science for me. I eat as much as I feel possible, and I have 2 cheat meals a week.  



Q: Dan Bizarro Patmore: How often and for long would you advise training for on strong man training? Also what would you say are the most important areas of the body to focus that are the most vital throughout the whole competitive Scene of strong man? Do you still do private sessions? What do you consider the most impressive strong man / weight lifting feat?

A: Terry Hollands: Dan, I vary my sessions from 2-4 hours. Lower back is the most important area. I don’t do private sessions at the minute but will be again soon. Most impressive feat for me was mike Jenkins db. Press at the Arnold’s in 2012.



Q: Joanna West: Are you going to keep going like Mark Felix and still be doing WSM in 10 years? How can a person put their body through that for so long?

A: Terry Hollands: Joanna I think it’s more time in the sport than age that’s the biggest factor. I can’t see myself still therein ten years but I do feel I could be competitive for another 5 if my body held up. Mark is a freak of nature (obviously meant in a nice way)



Q: Ben Rawlings: I’m considering doing a strongman event this year. I have been lifting for 11years; 2 years ago I detached my bicep (playing rugby) and had a successful repair. Do you think strongman would be a bad idea? Cheers.

A: Terry Hollands: When I had my bicep fixed I said to the surgeon will it go again, he pointed at my other arm and said that one will go before the fixed one does. Just crack on mate, they’re actually stronger after surgery.



Q: Matt Clark: Cheers for the advice Terry, as you have suffered a lower back injury does that change how you approach training and competitions??

A: Terry Hollands: It won’t change for comps as it’s a case of just getting on with it but training I will try to avoid exercises that stress the lower back if there’s a substitute.



Q: Richard Butch Holland: What would you recommend the best way to diet/ cut? I’m currently 6″5 16st 11lb I’ve got down from 20st 7lb with a 34% fat to an 18% at moment but can’t seem to get down any further without affecting my strength and advice?

A: Terry Hollands: have you tried doing hit training? I found this very good for when I wanted to drop weight. Also keep protein intake very high.



Q: Graeme Dryburgh-Cook: What’s the best exercise to substitute in for squats? I’ve got a ruptured disk in my back, and can’t do those due to the pressure, though I’m still good for hack squats and incline leg press, any Suggestions? Also, Best shoulder exercise???

A: Terry Hollands: Hack squats are going to be the closest thing. Have you tried front squats? Best shoulder exercise for me is standing military press.



Q: David Harrison: Hi Terry what do you find is the quickest but semi natural way of recovering from muscle strain? , also do you rate boosters? (Oxygen in a can), is it best to just sit back and let your body do its work and recover on its own?

A: Terry Hollands: Best thing to do is see a good physio mate. They will get you back quicker than anything you can do at home. No I’m not a fan mate, I believe on comp day could be worth it but for training I’d rather recover normally.



Q: Christopher Sadler: I struggle with both glute activation during heavy lifting training days, especially at the base of my squat and deadlift. I get good drive through the movement once I have overcome that initial part of the lift and lack of glute activation. Are there any exercises or training methods or tips you can suggest that would help to improve my activation and help me get that drive through 100% of motion in Squatting and deadlifting? Also what would be you top tip for a young new comer to strong man training who hopes one day to perhaps have a long successful career like yourself?

A: Terry Hollands: try using a kettlebell, do swings before you Deadlift or squat, this should get your glutes firing. Biggest bit of advice starting out is find good training partners. Strongman is very much a team sport. Although I’m the one competing I have an amazing team around me. All of my training partners have competed at south of England’s strongest man or higher one also competed at WSM in 2012.


Terry Hollands Q&A



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