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The Harrison Twins | Chocolate Protein Balls Review


“These taste just like Maltesers!”


“WOW, 15g protein per packet!”


“My NEW favourite post-workout snack!”


When do you eat them?


“I love to eat these when I have a craving, nothing better than knowing you are eating as clean as possible but feeling like you are having a cheat meal, everyone needs their chocolate fix!” says Owen.

“I prefer to have these after training; this is the one point in the day that you can treat yourself. I look to create an insulin spike post workout to start the replenishment of my glycogen stores, then protein balls do the job perfectly, I used to eat dark chocolate with my shake, but these have definitely replaced that now!” says Lewis.




How do they taste & texture?


“I’m not exaggerating when I say this product tastes amazing, the best replacement to Maltesers you are going to find, with less calories! I would highly recommend this as part of your Myprotein stack to snack on between main meals.” says Owen.

“These chocolate balls have a good crunchy texture, easy to chew and crazily moreish.” says Lewis. 


How are the nutritionals and ingredients?


“These are based around soy protein isolate; it’s a great source of protein, again great for muscle recovery and has been shown for great gains in lean muscle mass.” says Lewis.

“I always look to absorb as many different types of protein as possible, from casein to egg, so these are perfect to increase my soy protein intake.” says Owen.




What do these go well with?


“I tend to open a few packets, place them in my big cereal bowl and fill it with milk! They are unreal for a breakfast cereal – so much protein and such a delicious start to my day.” says Owen.

“I add them into my Greek yoghurt, or even into some ice cream, absolute class for toppings and to add that crunch you need in natural yoghurt, definitely my favourite snack between meals.” says Lewis.


Physiological Effectiveness


“I have seen extra gains from using this product due to me snacking on them between my main meals and solving my sugar craving. They give that protein & carb hit needed to keep your energy levels up for work plus your legs fresh for 5 days a week of cycle commuting.” says Lewis.


Overall Product Satisfaction


“Overall, I am a big fan of these and highly recommend the product due to its irresistible taste and texture.” says Lewis.

“They are so light and easy to eat; sometimes they are nice enough to just get through one packet without having to eat the whole box… well sometimes.


Recipe Ideas




Nutrition (based on 14 small servings):

Calories: 124 kcal

Protein: 8g

Fat: 7g

Sugar: 2g




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