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Coming Soon: Kirk Miller’s Hero Sessions

Are you looking for a new workout routine to help push your training to the next level in the New Year? Look no further than Myprotein ambassador Kirk Miller’s Hero sessions. These intense workouts will shock your body to help add power, build muscle and burn fat.

Having graced the cover of both Men’s Health & Men’s Fitness magazine, Kirk knows that there is no quick fix when it comes to building an impressive physique and these workouts certainly aren’t for the feint-hearted. For those who are up to the challenge and willing to work harder than ever before for the results they desire, Kirk will be on hand on Twitter to answer any questions you have to help you get through the sessions.

The programme includes several workouts each week to help hit every single muscle, utilising a variety of rep ranges, weights, rest periods and techniques to maximize your body’s ability to build muscle.

There will also be a free diet and supplement plan devised by Kirk to enable optimum growth and recovery over the 6 weeks. Get ready to push yourself in the gym like you’ve never pushed yourself before. Can you complete a Hero Session? Stay tuned to find out…

Kirk Miller's Hero Sessions



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