Top Tips For Student Hangovers

Dealing With Student Hangovers

The only downside to an amazing night out is the morning after. You have a ton of stuff to do, but you feel like you’ve been hit by a truck. What is a student to do? We’ve got a quick study guide for the top cures (and preventatives) for the dreaded student hangover.


Topic #1: Water


As you are getting ready to go out, leave yourself a big drink of water by your bed for when you get back. A pint glass is good, and a Myprotein gallon bottle is even better. Take a huge drink when you get in and you’ll give your body a fighting chance to swerve the suffering. You’ll also appreciate having some left to drink when you first wake up, too.

The Science: The properties in alcohol makes it suck up the water from your body. As well as making you feel weak, this can also give you an almighty headache if it takes water from around the brain.

Topic #2: Electrolytes


When you’ve been on a mad one, your blood can lose out on essential electrolytes. This can leave you feeling pretty unhealthy, so you’ll want to replace them ASAP to lessen your symptoms. Luckily they can be found in a lot of sports drinks, as well as in coconut water and dehydration relief medication.

The Science: The key electrolytes that make us healthy are sodium, potassium, magnesium, calcium, chloride, hydrogen phosphate and hydrogen carbonate. Alcohol makes the body use up these electrolytes at a far greater rate than normal. Replenishing them will help the body to convert and expel the toxins in the body that alcohol has so cruelly filled you with.

Topic #3: Ginger


Fresh ginger has been used as a nausea remedy for thousands of years. The hardy root has properties which help to soothe the stomach. Fortunately for the student budget, ginger keeps for ages, so you can buy in bulk at the start of term if you foresee many hangovers ahead. You can mix a few chunks of ginger in with a teaspoon of brown sugar to make a hangover busting brew. Alternatively, chew on some crystalized ginger.

The Science: Ginger is what’s known as a “carmaniative” and helps the body to soothe your digestive system and any rid the body of a build-up of gas that might cause pain and bloating.

honey and banana

Topic #4: Food Intake


Even if the thought of food makes you want to hurl, eating something will speed up the healing process. The best foods to consume are high calorie but easily digestible things. So swap your full English for beans on toast, or a banana.

The Science: Your body is using up a lot of energy trying to expel the toxins you have inflicted on yourself. You need to fuel the healing engine with calories by having something to eat. High-fat foods are harder to the body to breakdown. So a greasy sausage sandwich will cause your body far more effort (and risks the body rejecting it while it concentrates on the hangover at hand). Whereas high calorie, low-fat items like beans or bananas will quickly give your body a hit of energy to continue the repair work.

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