Celebrate World Meat Free Day | Top 5 Vegan Campfire Ideas

Vegan Campfire

Camping is extremely soul enriching because it’s all about minimalism and connecting intensely with nature. This doesn’t necessarily mean camping at festivals etc. but that can be, in some cases. Camping is an inexpensive breakaway and you don’t need much to go either. You can manage with a tent, sleeping bag, a small gas stove and some insect repellent.


But remember after sunset, the moon won’t provide much light for you to see, so it’s a great idea to invest in some cool flashlights so that you can see the campsite in the evening. Camping with vegan dietary needs doesn’t need to be difficult, providing you plan ahead. Here are some of the tastiest vegan campfire recipes to give you a hand with what to cook up!

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Tofu Dogs


Think corn dogs- but vegan. Simple to prepare and they make a fantastic snack! A brilliant blend of tofu, chilli flakes, mustard with a crispy, breadcrumb exterior. These are quick to make and are delicious! Remember to bring your skewers to place inside the tofu dogs to make this yummy, crunchy treat on a stick!

Black-Bean Burgers


Using a grill, cook up some black beans, green chilli’s, avocado and whatever else you desire (within dietary needs). Suggested dressings are either a tangy salsa or a scrumptious sweet chilli sauce. And if you wish to go the extra mile, vegan halloumi can make a fabulous addition to this meal. Simply choose your favourite bun and serve up!



Easy enough, right? Who doesn’t love pancakes? By using plant-based ingredients this can make a scrumptious sweet or savoury breakfast or even a dessert. It is advised that you bring the mix already prepared in a sealed bag or pot. Two ingredient vegan pancakes are a great fix for camping. Just bring the mix in a cool bag and pan fry when you fancy. There are endless possibilities for toppings, just take your pick.

Sweet Potato Melts


Bake your sweet potatoes before you leave. When preparing the meal at camp scrape out the potato into a bowl and mix with spring onions, mixed peppers and balls of dairy free mozzarella. Fill the empty skins with your mix and grill for 10-15 minutes. These are delicious for a bigger meal. But make sure you have your gas grill!




This is a very quick and simple dish. First, sauté some chopped onions and a pepper in a splash of oil. Drain a tin of sweet corn and add it to the mixture then break in four free-range eggs. Mix it all together and cook for a few minutes until the frittata is cooked through, you don’t want to be eating raw egg! Serve with delicious crusty bread and a lick of balsamic.

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