Top 5 Nutritional Tips For Getting Into Shape During 2017

Written by Jamie Bantleman

 Top 5 Nutrition Tips

#1 Detoxification


Our bodies have been put through a fair amount of stress over the festive break with a lot of junk food and alcohol being passed through our digestive system. This can cause a string of problems from gut inflammation to irregular blood sugar levels which cause long term problems for those with the goal of fat loss. When looking to improve body composition the initial nutritional strategy implemented is simple cutting the junk and implementing healthy alternatives.


#2 Cut Caffeine


It seems that we end up having a coffee after each meal, plus if you are like many others, you often indulge in sugary energy drinks as mixers with alcohol. While caffeine isn’t at all unhealthy when used wisely, we can, however, become very tolerant to it and our adrenals may take a hit. A common sign of adrenal fatigue is waking up very hot or sweaty; even if this does not apply to you, cutting caffeine for 14 days can help you become much more tolerant to it when supplementing with it before working out. It will also allow your adrenals to calm and reset.

benefits of a meat and nuts breakfast

#3 Cut Out Fruit, Grains, Wheat, Gluten & Other Starches


For 14 days you should limit the carbohydrate load; we have more than likely spent the festive holidays eating copious amounts of carbohydrates and sugary condiments. In doing this, we are likely to have a huge splurge in glucose in the body and therefore be far over how much our glycogen stores can cope with as energy production. For this reason, you should consider limiting carbohydrate load and only using vegetables as our source. Doing this will also improve fibre intake in the body and therefore improve gut function.

#4 Ensure You Eat Animal Protein


Protein is the key to a healthy endocrine system and therefore plays a huge role in both fat loss and the increment in lean muscle tissue through providing us with cell growth and repair. Animal protein is the best source of protein as it is high in amino acids and other key nutrients and vitamins; taking a portion at each meal will ensure your protein intake goal is being met and therefore will find you improve your physique and more importantly, your health.

stay hydrated

#5 Maintain Hydration


Consuming 0.039L per kg of bodyweight will ensure you are hitting the correct amount of water per day. Cutting out sugary fruit juices and cordials will make a huge difference as it simply eliminates high sugar loads instantly. A pint of orange juice will spike your insulin levels incredibly high and cutting this out will considerably improve your ability to lose body fat – quick! Hydration is commonly known as a vital part of improving your health and fitness however when we get it right and maintain the correct amount of water you will find that both your body and mind will function much more efficiently and effectively.

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