Top 5 Healthy Dessert Swaps!

Guilt-free treats are the best treats! The Myprotein team are constantly coming up with innovative, delicious products that assist your healthy lifestyle.

Whether you want to snack pre-workout, post-workout  – or just grab something sweet during the day – our healthy desserts can satisfy your sweet tooth!

We’ve taken all your usual favourites, cut down the fat and sugar and packed in the protein – so check out these high protein dessert swaps!


1) Regular Toffee Muffin Vs
Protein Toffee Muffin


Save: 190 calories and 14g sugar

Gain: 15g protein


Protein muffins


2) Rice Crispy Cake Vs Protein Clusters


Save: 89 calories and 7g sugar

Gain: 1.2g protein






3) Regular Pudding Vs Protein Pudding


Save: 41 calories and 15g sugar

Gain: 11g protein


Protein pudding


4) Double Choc Cookie Vs
Protein Double Choc Cookie


Save: 100 calories and 30g sugar

Gain: 33g protein


Myprotein protein cookie


5) Chocolate Wafer Vs Protein Wafer


Save: 51 calories and 14g sugar

Gain: 15g protein


Myprotein protein wafers






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