Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go

By Myprotein Writer Tom Bowell


It’s commonly known that abs and muscles aren’t just made in the gym, they’re made in the kitchen. But not all of us can spend hours and hours a day in the kitchen as well as the gym. If you are like me, pesky commitments such as work, family and friends all seem to get in the way of achieving the best nutrition. So here is a 5 quick tip guide to eating on the go!


Tip 1: Technology


We currently live in an age of great technology. Its sole purpose is designed to make our lives easier, (Unless it is Windows 8.) so why not take advantage of it to keep track of your diet on the move? Two pieces of tech you can’t be without are:


My Fitness Pal


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


This app is a lifesaver and what’s even better, it’s free! By entering basic information about yourself, such as your current and target weight, you can help achieve your goals by monitoring your daily calorie intake and keeping track of your macros. The app scans the barcodes of your most commonly scoffed meals, and totals up your calorie for the day. Even if you are cooking fresh, just scan the ingredients individually and you can save them as common foods with in the app.


It is easy to set up and very self-explanatory to use, and it can also estimates how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day by working out your cardiovascular activity, even including a step o meter to track your movement on the go.


However, bear in mind with any app like this, the measurements presented are estimations and are not 100% accurate. Please be aware to only use this as a guide. My fitness pal’s recommendations on how many grams of carbs, proteins and fats may not fit into your regime and goals, and won’t be accurate for specially tailored diets such as the “Keto” diet. As a means of keeping you in the know of how much you eat and making sure you’re not in denial using the My Fitness Pal as a calorie counter for the day can be a big help.


Digital Scales


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


This handy piece of kit goes hand in hand with the My Fitness Pal app, and in general for keeping an eye on the amount of food you are actually consuming in a day. By weighing out your food you’ll quickly be surprised by how much you are over or under eating to achieve your goals!

So now you’ve got the tech to help what’s next?



Tip 2: Planning, Preparation and Organisation


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


Something I like to refer to as “P.P.O Insurance”.


By making sure that you have all your dietary needs before you step out of the door, you can’t be caught off guard. By preparing your food first thing in the morning, or in longer cases at the beginning of the week, you can maximise time management by not wasting too much of it the kitchen, saving yourself a lot of work.


Try cooking in batches. For example, cook several kilos of chicken, rice and veg at the beginning of the day and serve good (weighed correctly for your goal) portions into containers. You can then store these in the fridge and take as many as you need with you for that day. It can be bland, but I guarantee how much better you will feel in yourself knowing you’ve had a good, clean and cost effective meal, rather than paying through the nose at a fast food restaurant for something you will regret later on!


Tech at hand, food weighed out, where do we go from here?



Tip 3: Equipment:


If you’re going to want to take your culinary wizardry out on the move, here’s some ideas on what you’ll need:


Tupperware / Containers


This one should be fairly self-explanatory and was stepped on briefly in the last tip. If you’re going to prep your meals in advance it will be useful to invest in containers, that you can store food in. Don’t be cheap on this one! Yes paying over the odds for a plastic box is stupid, but the cheaper plastic will eventually break and crack and the last thing you will want is that deadline day paper stained and scented by ode de le mackerel.



Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go



Meal bag


Have a bag dedicated for transporting your meals on the move. This can be anything from a plastic bag to a sports bag. If you want to go the extra mile however you can invest in meal bags. These are designed especially for keeping your food safe and cool with designated compartments for different meals of the day.


An all in on shaker


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


These are brilliant for stacking supplements on the go. If you’re carrying all your meals around with you, the last thing you want is to be also carrying several shakers, tubs of protein and any other powder and capsule like supplements as well. These shakers have several decent sized compartments to hold all your powders and other split compartments to hold capsules, as well as obviously being a shaker. These compartments can be added to or even removed depending on how much you will need for that day. Think of it as the equivalent to a gym rats “My first Lego” set.


But what if you’ve run out of food and you need to eat. What can you do?



Tip 4: Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go


Like the title says… don’t be afraid to ask for exactly what you want. Sometimes we can’t escape the fact we need to eat it out. You might of had to stay out longer than you were expecting or there may even be special occasions like birthdays, work parties, anniversaries and even times you just want to treat yourself! If you do have to eat out on the go, remember you are the paying customer and why should you pay for something you have no intention of eating? Any decent restaurant worth its name will more often that not be happy to accommodate your needs. Simple things like changing fried chips to boiled rice for example, or doubling up on a chicken breast or other high protein source can be a great way to sticking to your dietary needs.


Now you are ready to face the world. You’re armed with your tools, your food and your tongue. But what’s the last tip?



Tip 5: Common sense


Top 5 Tips For Eating On The Go

Listen to your body and act accordingly. If you’ve reached the end of the day and you haven’t quite hit your calorie quota, ordering two extra large meat feast pizzas or rushing in to McDonalds and ordering 100 chicken nuggets before bed isn’t exactly going to help. By that same logic if you have over ate, doing a marathon before bed isn’t the most sensible way to try and burn those calories off. Add and remove things that you feel are the problem in your diet. You will make mistakes as it is a learning curve you have to go through. Learn from them, tweak them and I guarantee before long you will have mastered eating on the go!


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