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Written by Charlotte Campbell

Triple Nut Butter

When we think of superfoods, it’s common to imagine exotic berries and expensive ingredients to add to our meal prep. But are nuts a superfood? We analyse the three nuts in our Triple Nut Butter to find out if this humble snack food is secretly super after all…

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Although very low in carbohydrates, almonds are packed with energy – 100g of almonds contains 576 calories. However, for those on a calorie controlled diet, don’t stress! A recommended serving is only 23 nuts (163 calories), and they’re naturally filling.  As with all nuts, almonds are high in dietary fibre, which is linked to healthy bowels and a lower risk of diabetes and coronary heart disease.

Almonds are also great for ramping up your potassium, which is great for enhancing muscle strength and metabolism. So try including a portion in your pre-workout shake to maximise your results.





These are the most protein packed of all nuts, with 100g of peanuts providing 26g of protein. For this reason alone it is often a very popular source of protein among vegans and vegetarians. Peanuts are also incredibly versatile, fitting in with sweet, spicy or savoury food profiles. Make sure you read the packaging on any flavoured peanuts, however, as the calorie/fat/sugar content can skyrocket with certain products.

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If you need persuading that nuts are a superfood, get this – just 18 of these powerhouses will give you 10% of your daily recommended iron intake. They’re also a tasty way to increase your folate and vitamin K intake, which is great for both your blood and your bones. So if you’re sick of the spinach or need a boost on the go, these little beauties are your new best friend.


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Are nuts a superfood if they’re high in fat?

On average 100g of nuts contains around 54g of fat, which on the surface can seem like they’re a bad nutritional choice. However, it’s very important to note that the type of fat nuts are high in is mono-saturated fat. This is commonly known as “good fat”, and works to protect your heart, lower your “bad” cholesterol and is a key component of diet plans such as the Mediterranean Diet. Importantly, the FDA claim that just 43 grams a day of nuts can help reduce your chances of heart disease. Cashews and almonds are excellent sources of mono-saturated fat in particular.

So, are nuts a superfood?

Peanuts, cashews and almonds are all very nutrient rich. In relatively small doses, they can pack the body full of key vitamins and minerals that are key to a healthy lifestyle. So YES, nuts are a superfood and well worth including in your diet.

Does the “butter” in nut butter cancel out the health benefits?

Many supermarket brand nut butters are packed with sugar, salt and palm oil to improve shelf life and create a sweet taste. Nut butters are at their most healthy when the ingredient list is simple, so you can be confident you’re getting a clean dose of the nutrients you need. However, our Triple Nut Butter is full of texture and is free from added salt, sugar, palm oil or preservatives.

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