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Written by Brad Jackson

Christmas Trimmings

Christmas isn’t really the ideal time to try and stay trim, the roast potatoes, the Yorkshire puddings and the boozy Christmas pudding. However, there must be a way to work it off..


As the Christmas tale goes, Mr Clause visits all the houses in the world in just one evening. Sleighing through the blistering night sky, landing on roof tops and pushing his way down the chimney tops with ample of presents. He must have a serious case of DOMS on Boxing day! Then again, he may have used MYPRE as a kick start on Christmas Eve.


The treats aren’t just for you and the family, the red rosy cheek man deserves some too! 1 cookie per household is more than enough! Maybe even a Protein Cookie! So, if there are roughly 25 million homes in the UK and the average cookies calories are 49 calories (small ones I know) that means Santa consumes 1225000000 kcals on Christmas Eve alone!! So, what would Santa need to burn of this incredible excess in calories?


How To Burn Calories


The average kickboxing class burns approximately 700 calories within a 45 minute class. Mr Claus would have to engage in 1750000 classes of kickboxing or engage in 1312500 hours of kickboxing in total.


The average marathon burns 2,600 calories, so for Santa to burn off those unwanted calories by running marathons he would have to run 471154 marathons. Could you imagine the blisters!! Or, if he works on the principle of running a mile, which burns 100 calories, he would have to run 12250000 miles (or 19714464km for our imperial friends)! That’s roughly running from earth to the moon 51 times which is great altitude training for the big fella.


Moral Of The Story


So as you can gather from these outrageous workouts, please be aware of the calories consumed over the Christmas period. Avoid overdoing the Christmas cake this festive period, although it may not be as extreme as Mr Claus- don’t turn yourself into a turkey. Keep your belly at bay!

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