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Written by Akesha Smith

Snacks To Suit Everyone

Food prep is a very important element in every fitness fanatic’s life. However, we are all human and sometimes, we crave a snack, typically the sweet and sugary kind! A lot can happen in a day! What you may have spent weeks shedding, can be regained in the space of an hour! Now answer me this, is it really worth it?

raspberries and almond snacks

I’m not trying to put people off snacking or scare them off, I’m simply trying to express the harm it can do to your body! Your body is your temple, you have to treat it right, but sometimes you may want to actually treat yourself to something nice. How can you treat yourself with food without harming your strict diet? Many would say it is impossible, but with a little research and the help of Myprotein, you can switch up your diet and make it more pleasing to your palette.


For breakfast, why not try Myprotein’s protein pancakes with some fresh berries! Who doesn’t love waking up to nice fluffy pancakes? What’s even better is that they are protein pancakes making them even more enjoyable because you know they won’t harm your diet! Don’t fancy fresh fruit toppings? Why not use the Myprotein zero calorie maple syrup! So sweet and tasty, you forget it has no calories! Start your day off sweet, with perfect protein pancakes topped with guilt-free maple syrup and fresh fruit!


Strawberries dipped in chocolate is a classic treat enjoyed by many! Sweet and milky chocolate so creamy it makes it difficult to give up! However, what if I told you, you didn’t have to?! Myprotein has recently launched their new Myprotein chocolate! Strawberries dipped in chocolate not enough for you? Why not enjoy Myprotein’s brownies! Another guilt-free snack you can indulge in!


The fun doesn’t stop there! Need ideas for dinner? Check out The Zone for some super tasty, ultra-healthy recipes! Myprotein has you covered with their extensive list of healthy meals from protein pizza, healthy prawn skewers and even a battered chip shop style fish! The ideas and recipes are endless, all you have to do is take the time out to prepare these things. Keep the ball rolling with your diet and don’t let one day slip you up!

healthy peanut prawns satay sauce recipe

Now, you have to finish off the day right! What’s having a fancy dinner without the finishing touches of DESSERT! Dessert is seen as the forbidden meal of the day, but you can actually enjoy a guilt free dessert! Why not try Myprotein’s chocolate pudding! You can pair-up with the Myprotein wafer, and there you have it, a tasty guilt-free dessert that won’t harm your temple! Another idea you can try out is the new Active Women range protein dessert.


Who said being healthy was boring?

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