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Reformulated Impact Weight Gainer | Better Taste, Greater Results

Written by Jamie Bantleman

Impact Weight Gainer

The fitness world is consumed by different goals and challenges which makes it one of the most exciting industries to be a part of. One of the major goals we see people strive for on a daily basis is increasing muscle mass and weight gain. We often find people struggle to consume the correct amount of calories as well as ensuring those calories are in the form of effective nutrients that will help support the goal of weight gain. The revelation is here…


MyProtein’s Impact Weight Gainer is a supplemented way of consuming both Protein and Carbohydrates which are the key nutrients that help with recovery and growth in muscle. You spoke, we answered. Our new formulation ensures better taste and even better results! Perfect for on-the-go nutrition, whether your at the gym, in the office, walking the dog, Impact Weight Gainer is convenient for all occasions.


How To Gain Weight


#1 Eat more calories than you expend

#2 Eat nutrient-dense, calorie rich food

#3 Increase dietary fat intake

#4 Add Impact Weight Gainer supplement

#5 Lift heavy weights

Although weight-loss strategies are ubiquitous in the health and fitness industry, not everyone in the world has the same goal. From the skinny teenagers, under weight adults to the hard gainers, numerous individuals scour the internet for way to put on muscle. Sound familiar? You’re in the right place.


We understand that eating a lot of food in order to gain weight isn’t an easy job. But, really, the simplest way we can explain how to gain weight is exactly what you have heard over and over again! Consume a lot of calories, train heavy and supplement smart. The feeling of fullness, unable to consume anything solid and gaining the meat sweats are part of the generic routine, but surely we can gain weight without those ghastly side effects?


Of course!! Myprotein have the perfect product: Impact Weight Gainer. The perfect source which will enable you to put on weight without the excess fat. But beware, exercise is a must in order to reduce fat gain.


Once you have your nutrition plan in place, you can then make some alterations to your exercise plan. Pretty much any resistance training protocol will help you build muscle, even more so if you are supporting lifting with a lot of calories. The best way to put on noticeable muscle mass is to stick with strength and hypertrophy protocols. This type of training has been proven to increase the muscle-building hormones (testosterone). So make sure you train hard, rest well and eat more!


If you arent too keen prepping enough food to keep you going through the day, it’s fine. We have the perfect option. Impact Weight Gainer, loaded with protein, carbs and fat so that you can increase your calorie intake without having to work extremely hard. With over 388 calories per serving, your bound to gain more!

This new formulation now boasts 33g of fast and slowly digested proteins per 100g serving, making it perfect for post-exercise recovery as well as a slow-sustained delivery of proteins throughout the day. Contributing to the growth, repair and maintenance of lean muscle mass, this new formulation is ideal for those intense workouts you’ve been dreaming of!


On top of this, a combination of oat flour and maltodextrin supplies 50g of carbohydrates per serving, which will provide the body with a complex source of carbohydrates. This unique formulation is also a source of fibre to support a healthy balanced diet. It gets better..

Key Ingredients

33g Whey Protein:


Whey is used as a protein supplement. It is very useful for hitting targeted daily protein goals. Whey is absorbed faster than other forms of protein, which means it also increases muscle protein synthesis used to break a fasted state.


50g Carbohydrates:


The use of carbohydrates post workout is for the replenishment of glycogen stores and help increase the bodies ability to recover from an intense workout. The form in which the carbohydrates are in within Impact Weight Gainer is in grounded oats. Oats are a high load form of carbohydrate and is a very popular choice of the source of carbohydrate.

Calorie Surplus


Finally, when we are aiming to increase muscle mass and our weight we must take the most important step of all; increase you calorific intake. If you are in anything other than a calorie surplus you simply will not gain quality muscle mass and weight. Therefore, in this amazing shake, you will consume 388 calories per serving to go a long way towards achieving the actual figure in which you are aiming for.

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