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Written by Simon Cushman

Recovery XS

Nutrition has been heralded as THE main contributor to recovery. Along with sleep and hydration, consuming an adequate amount of quality protein and carbohydrates will help the body to repair muscles by rebuilding damaged cells and refilling the muscles with glycogen so they are replenished with energy.


Different types of training cause different stresses on the body, which can be combatted through various nutritional strategies. After an intense training session lasting over 40 minutes, it is likely that muscle glycogen will have decreased to a level that needs replenishing. Therefore a blend of protein and carbohydrates will help the body to absorb the necessary nutrients from an insulin spike caused by the carbohydrates, and provide the body with what it needs.


Recovery XS has been specifically designed with recovery in mind with a combination of glutamine, creatine and leucine to help out the quality blend of 23g protein and 43g carbs (only 0.7 of which are sugars). Not only this, but the combination of vitamins and minerals make it a fast absorbing supplement that will improve immediate recovery so you can train again sooner and enhance your long-term goals.

leucine for muscle recovery

What’s Changed?


You asked for it… From the feedback received from the past version, the taste was not up to scratch and so the development team have been mixing up a new batch and here’s what they have come up with:


The addition of maltodextrin to the waxy maize starch will reduce the “chalky” or “powdery” type texture and feel of the drink, enabling you to get the most from the taste, as well as the ingredients. Waxy maize starch has been shown to have a high absorption rate, but also give a sustained release of energy as it gives a blunted glucose and insulin response post drink compared to white bread (Sands et al., 2009).


They found that you can get the benefits of a sustained energy boost while feeling fuller and less bloated. This is mixed with maltodextrin which has a rapid absorption rate and spikes blood glucose causing the body to uptake what it has in the blood stream. The two together should give a big response in blood glucose immediately after consumption, but also sustained release over 4 hours, when the maltodextrin alone shows a decrease in blood glucose below baseline values.


Whey protein isolate has been added to the concentrate version in the prior generation. Isolate is a purer form of whey protein with a higher concentration of amino acids compared to sugars and fats. It has been shown to be absorbed faster than the concentrate version, giving a faster rise to protein synthesis, giving you a head start on your recovery. The speed of absorption will again give you an initial boost in recovery after a hard session aided by the fast acting carbs.


The addition of a range of vitamins and minerals boost your system and give a quarter of your recommended intake to help protect the muscles from oxidative stress, reduce tiredness and fatigue, improve the metabolism of fats and glycogen and help out your immune system, which gets compromised after stressful periods such as heavy training.

protein shakes

The combination of carbs and protein in this shake are great after a hard session where you have been working for over 45 mins, when muscle glycogen stores start to fall, and especially if your workouts have been more intense and fatiguing or even exhaustive (Gollnick et al., 1973; Nielsen et al., 2011). Over a long period of time, having a higher daily dosage has been shown to increase muscle glycogen by 65% in experienced rowers under high load training (Simonsen et al., 1991). This can be seen from both an endurance perspective but also a weight training perspective when overloading the muscle and wanting a recovered neuromuscular system ready for training the following day or day after that.


I would recommend Recovery XS to anyone looking to improve their recovery during high levels of training, either in a sports environment after a heavy training session, or after an intense gym session, for example on an overload week or period. Generally I feel a lot better after a shake like this after a hard session (or rugby match especially with a lot of contact) in comparison to protein or carbohydrates alone and the fast action and absorption gives me a relaxed feeling in my muscles rather than tightness and means I can go about my day to day tasks without being fully compromised.


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