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Written by Jamie Bantleman

How To Formulate The Perfect Diet Plan

To build a great diet plan you must avoid all blanket terms. For example, saying you should be eating 200g protein or you shouldn’t eat any carbohydrates. In this article I will discuss how to calculate calories, macronutrient percentages, when to be eating certain foods and why particular foods are better than others at specific times in the day.


Initial Calculations:

To find someone’s basil metabolic rate you can simply use the Harris-Benedict Method or have your metabolic testing done by a qualified practitioner. Once you have worked this figure out, it will then show you how many calories you are expending throughout the day. From this point, you can make slight adaptions whether you are looking to either increase or decrease weight. Using 500k/cal increments or reduction will help with each respective goal.

Macronutrient Percentages:

Once you have found the calculation of your calorie intake you should then begin to get to grips with how much of each macronutrient you should be consuming. This is built around a percentage of fats, protein and carbohydrates. Often we find that around 40% of the diet should consist of protein sources such as meat, fish, eggs and supplemented whey protein. The other 60% can be consumed via either high carbohydrate load or high fats load.

For the majority of people aiming to achieve fat or weight loss it is usually recommended to have a higher fat intake with carbohydrates used as post-workout replenishment or for ‘re-feeds’ on non-training days. However, those who are participating in sport or for those looking to increase weight and muscle, a dietary requirement would consist of a higher carbohydrate load.

macronutrient timing

An example of fat loss macronutrient percentages:

Protein: 40%
Fats: 40%
Carbohydrates: 20%

An example of muscle gain macronutrient percentages:

Protein: 40%
Carbohydrates: 40%
Fats: 20%

What times should I be eating macronutrients?


Protein is a nutrient that is important for muscle cell repair and recovery, as well as the transportation of vital nutrients to organs. Eating protein should be a staple a every meal in the day and one that should be consumed via animal protein where possible except for when you should be consuming whey protein post workout due to it being the fastest absorption of protein to the muscle cell to improve recovery.

Q. Best time to consume protein?
A. Every meal of the day

protein sources


Carbohydrates are a nutrient that breaks into its simplest form as sugar unlike protein where this broken into essential amino acids. However, do not be fooled that sugar isn’t needed in the body; carbohydrates are required as a source of replenishment post workout when sugars are depleted and also for those who have a better level of insulin sensitivity. Carbohydrates should always be used post workout and can be consumed in the evenings to improve sleep.

Q. Best time to consume carbohydrates?
A. Post Workout and in some cases, in the evening.

Benefits of Carb Cycling


Fats, broken down into its simplest form as essential fatty acids, are the macronutrient that plays a huge part in the cognitive function of the human body as well as helping improve the health of our joints and bones. Fats should be used as a source of long term energy, therefore is ideal in the morning if you are looking to train in the afternoon or evening. Fats also play a great role in the improvement of insulin sensitivity in the body, therefore reducing blood sugar spikes and troughs.

Q. Best time to consume fats?
A. In the morning, and during the day mainly yet also has great benefits in the evening for those on higher fats/lower carb diets.

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