Organic Coconut Milk | The Top 3 Questions Answered

Written by Sarah Curran

Organic Coconut Milk

Having trouble digesting dairy due to lactose intolerance? Look no further, coconut milk is a great alternative to cow’s milk. Distinguished from coconut water, coconut milk is thicker in consistency and has a milkier appearance. It is also a great option for vegans and anyone who is reducing dairy from their diet for personal reasons.

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What Is Coconut Milk?


Coconut milk is a rich and creamy milk made from coconut in a similar way to how dairy milk is processed. The flesh of the coconut is grated and then soaked in hot water. Soon, the coconut cream rises to the top of the mixture and can be removed. The liquid that is left is then strained through a cheesecloth to produce the coconut milk.


Research on coconut milk has shown that the milk contains approximately 24% of the fat content of oil and the cream and meat fraction is approximately 34%. It is hugely popular in tropical countries as a drink or for use in cooking. As the milk has a high-fat content, it should be consumed mindfully.

What Are The Benefits Of Coconut Milk?


Coconut milk is lactose-free, thus a perfect alternative for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. Coconut milk is rich in B vitamins, iron, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and selenium, providing a magnitude of health benefits from energy production to growth and development. In addition, several journals have noted the abundance of antioxidants in coconut milk.


Coconut milk is a rich source of lauric acid. This is a compound that has many anti-bacterial properties and may also play a role in cholesterol reduction.

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What Can I Use Coconut Milk For?


Coconut milk is a super versatile ingredient. You can make some great curries using it as a base, and it also tastes good when used for smoothies. You can even make some great tasting desserts with it such as coconut milk rice pudding and ice pops. Simply mix together fresh fruit and coconut milk, freeze and enjoy!


Thai Green Chicken Curry (serves 7)


✓ 10g Coconut Oil

✓ 20g Thai Green Curry Paste

✓ 10g Coconut Sugar

✓ 2 Stalks Of Lemon Grass

✓ 800g Skinless Chicken Breast

✓ 8 Kaffir Lime Leaves

✓ 400ml Coconut Milk

✓ Thai Fish Sauce To Taste

✓ 1 Lime Juiced

✓ Handful Of Coriander


Begin by melting the coconut oil in a large pan. Add the curry paste and the coconut sugar. Cook these two together for about a minute, and then add the lemon grass. Reduce the heat and add the chicken (chopped into pieces) to the pan.  Add in the lime leaves and toss all the ingredients that are in the pan together so that they are covered in the green curry paste mixture. Add the coconut milk and fish sauce next and bring the mixture to a simmer.


Cook for half an hour. The mixture will thicken up slightly in this time. Add the coriander and also the lime juice. Check that the chicken is cooked through by removing a piece and cutting it open on a plate. Once this is fully cooked you can serve the curry and enjoy. Serve it with rice or noodles. If you are trying to keep your carbohydrates low, you could serve it with the Myprotein ‘My Rice’. This dish is also suitable for freezing and so can be prepared ahead in batches.


Or, why not try something sweet? Our latest protein pudding utilises coconut milk, perfect for those chocoholics on a lifestyle frenzy!


Calories: 277         Protein: 36 g          Fat: 13 g          Carbs: 4 g               

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Take Home Message


Coconut milk is an excellent alternative for those who suffer from lactose intolerance. If you are using full fat coconut milk, be aware of its calorie content as it is quite high in fat, and so should be enjoyed mindfully.


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