Nina Ross | Nutri-Greens Plus Review



“Great mixability for 35 superfoods!”


“Incredible energy booster!”


“Tropical flavour is delicious and refreshing!”



Nutri-Greens Plus


Nina Ross says:

“Seeing a whopping 35 different fruits, vegetables and plant-based extracts in one supplement made me incredibly excited for the benefits it would have on my body. However, I did want to see if it would satisfy my taste buds…”


Mixability and Taste


Nutri-Greens Plus, Tropical flavour:


“Now this really has impressed me! I have tried many supplements that don’t mix too well or sometimes provide an earthy-taste – but not this one.

Firstly, the mixability definitely got the thumbs up – I simply added my powder to a shaker with recommended water, shook a couple of times and that was it! No scraping around the sides for leftovers, no off-putting soggy clumps centred with dry powder – a huge positive for me.

The taste instantly reminded me of drinking a summery smoothie. Fruity, light – definitely in a different category to supplements that are just about ‘bearable to drink’. Refreshing!”


When do you consume it?


“Due to this powdered product being naturally caffeine-free, I was impressed that I could consume it at any time of day. For me, I like to have it in the morning after (or as part of!) my breakfast. It definitely provides a much-needed energy boost for a refreshing and positive start to the day.

Consuming the new Nutri-Greens Plus also proved beneficial for providing me with an energy kick throughout hectic workdays when I can’t reach for any fruit or vegetables – it’s definitely something to keep in my bag from now on!”


What do these go well with?


“I must admit, I enjoy it just with water! However, with such compact, dense ingredients, it was easy to experiment by adding it to food/drink products for a significant boost of daily of vitamins, minerals etc.

I’d definitely recommend adding it to smoothies, protein shakes, different flavoured juices for extra fruitiness or even as a food topper.”


Physiological Effectiveness


“I’ve definitely felt a lot more energetic and less-sluggish since I started consuming Nutri-Greens Plus daily. I’ve always been a fan of super-foods for their health and even wellness effects, however, this one instantly made me feel more ‘alert’ if you like!

I’ll also add that the fibre from all the nutritious super-foods promotes benefits of healthy digestive system, which also contributes to higher energy levels.


Overall Product Satisfaction


“For someone who religiously sticks to the same daily supplement routine, I think I may have been swayed. Nutri-Greens Plus is tasty, multi-functional, mixes well and compliments my healthy lifestyle.”


Nutritional details and ingredients


Per 100g Per Serving
Energy 1861kJ/443kcal 14okJ/32kcal
Fat  18g 1.3g
Of which saturates  5.6g 0.4g
Carbohydrates 47g 3.6g
Of which sugars 11g 0.8g
Protein 23g 1.7g
Salt 0.83g 0.06g






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