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Written by Akesha Smith

Do You Have A Cold Or The Flu?

The last thing anyone wants to endure through these cold winter months is the pesky common cold or the flu! You don’t want to become part of the flu and cold orchestra, but how can you avoid such things? The internet boasts numerous herbal remedies, but do they actually work?


First things first, check your iron levels. Many people discard the qualities of iron tablets and what they have to offer. Iron is a mineral which carries oxygen in your red blood cells and transmits nerve impulses. Some people who suffer from low iron in their body have anaemia. Low iron is mainly common in those who take part in regular exercise and typically found in females. Some people consume plenty of iron in their diets, however, for those who don’t, iron supplements are available. Taking one Iron Plus tablet a day increases your immune system and the overall function of your body. If you’re someone who likes to endure in daily physical activity, although find yourself continuously under the weather and fatigued it could be a sign your iron is low. How can you expect to push yourself in your workouts if your body is not at 100% and unable to deliver the results you want, it’s simple – you can’t.


Also, making sure your Vitamin C levels are nicely topped up is always a good start on fighting against those pesky colds. Vitamin C is a good way to build up your immune system and to help your body fight against all the viruses that are being spread around in this cold and dreary season! Vitamin C acts as an antihistamine and anti-inflammatory to help dry up those runny noses. Vitamin C makes the immune cells like neutrophils and macrophages, which helps find and destroy viruses!


Another thing that helps fight against colds and cases of flu is introducing garlic into your diet if you haven’t done that already. Garlic can be used in your food, or if you’re not a fan of the flavour you can get odourless garlic soft gels. There is no excuse for you not be taking garlic unless you have allergies. Garlic has been used for many years as both a cooking ingredient and as a medicine and is particularly protective against the common cold and the flu. If you find yourself getting sick with a cold or flu often, then eating some garlic can help reduce your symptoms or prevent your illness altogether.


You can be the fittest or most toned person in the gym but if you’re not keeping your vitals up you’ll be the fittest person stuck in your bed under a heap of tissues! Many people fall victim to the common cold, don’t be one of them! Stay fit inside and out! Sometimes people disregard what goes on in their body and only focus on what they see on the outside.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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