How Can Vegans Gain Weight?

Written by Callum Melly

How To Gain Weight As A Vegan

Gaining weight in general, let alone as a vegan is quite a challenging goal. We want to do everything we can to promote lean muscle growth and minimise/reduce stored body fat; however, as a vegan, we primarily rely on plant-based sources to gain protein, fats and carbohydrates into the system to fuel our workouts and recovery, nourish our body and promote lean muscle growth.

Omega 3 and Muscle Gain

As the saying goes, you are what you eat, so if you eat clean, you will get lean, it really is as simple as that. What people forget or simply just don’t understand, is that food is fuel and we should only be consuming what we need to reach our personal goals and fuel our TDEE (total daily energy expenditure).


It really is as simple as calories in vs calories out (a calorie being a unit of energy), if we have more calories going into our body in comparison to the number of calories being burnt, we will gain weight. Therefore, we want to be aiming to hit a calorie surplus from clean, nutritious and calorie dense foods that provide a balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.


Grains, beans, seeds & nuts are all great sources of protein; however, more often than not they also come combined with carbohydrates and fats that bump up their calorie content which is great when trying to achieve a calorie surplus; however, the carbohydrate and fat ratio to protein is often overpowered and we need adamant protein to promote lean muscle growth.


Quorn & tofu are also great sources of protein, but you need to eat 2 to 3 times the weight equivalent to that of meat or fish to match the protein content. I guess what makes gaining weight hard for vegans is purely the amount of nutrient & calorie dense foods they have to physically consume to reach their protein intake and a calorie surplus.

hardgainer training methods

That is why I recommend “Myprotein Vegan Weight Gainer” which provides a quality balance of muscle building protein and both workout and recovery fuelling carbohydrates in a good macro to calorie ratio. This tasty and easy to consume vegan weight gainer allows you to meet your protein goals and calorie intake without having to constantly indulge in grains, beans, seeds and nuts.


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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

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