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Written by Charlotte Campbell

Protein Wafers

Snacking can be a killer or a cure when it comes to staying on track with a nutritional plan or diet. With proper planning and consideration, you can feel like you’ve eaten more than ever and still shed any excess fat.


However, even the most organised meal-preppers can fall foul of general life problems. A hectic day at work leaving you hungry despite your lunch and snack, or a craving for a sweet treat that just won’t go away. We’ve all been there, and it’s those moments that take us by surprise that can be the easiest to cave into. As anyone who has had to search for a snack with a rumbling tummy can attest, it is seriously tough to find a high protein, satisfying snack on the fly.


Luckily, the new Active Women Protein Wafers are perfect little diet-savers to have on hand for when life strikes back. Pop one in your desk drawer. You’ll thank your future self!


Light and sweet, but still satisfying, these wafers are a great cheat-substitute for when you can feel your mind wandering to the nearest vending machine.


As with most wafer snacks, these Protein Wafers are very sweet. This is excellent news for sweet tooth sufferers looking to get their fix, but if you prefer your sugar low-key you might like adding a tablespoon of peanut butter to the top of your wafers. Plus, this gives you an even bigger protein kick! Of course, this tactic fits best with the peanut butter flavoured wafers.

nut butter

If peanut butter isn’t your thing, there are four other protein wafer flavours to try out; vanilla, strawberry, chocolate hazelnut and cookies and cream. As the flavours suggest, they also make great desserts, so you can feel like you’ve had a cheat day any night of the week.


Active Women Protein Wafers don’t just appeal to women who are active in terms of their fitness regime. They suit women who lead active and busy lives throughout the day. These tasty protein wafers are an easy and healthy snack to keep handy for when you need a pre-gym boost or a mid-afternoon treat that won’t blow your daily calorie intake. As we know, it’s always important to keep your energy up when you’re working out.  You won’t reach your personal best without some fuel in the engine.


Plus, protein is key for recovery and muscle maintenance. Not only this, but protein benefits your bones, blood and skin. So, if you’re looking for a post gym reward that will love you back, you know which snack to hit up. They seem even more luxurious paired with a complementary protein shake, like childhood cookies and milkshake. Toasted Marshmallow Diet Blend tastes even better paired with vanilla, and of course, the Chocolate Fudge Brownie Diet Blend goes with both cookies and cream or chocolate hazelnut flavours to create a chocoholic’s heaven.

Who knew keeping to your nutrition plans could be this tasty?


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Faye Reid

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