Healthy Food Crazes | 5 Delicious Food Trends of 2015


By Emma Campbell |

Earlier this year, it was all about Kale and Spinach. But for the past few months and the foreseeable 2016, we’re expanding our love from these favourite greens to some much more exciting food crazes.

As we become much more adventurous, the newest food crazes are starting to make their way to our kitchens. And the main change here is that carbohydrates are getting a sassy makeover!

Take a look at the round-up below which indicates some of the latest food crazes taking us UK foodies to a whole new level…

#1 Cauliflower Rice and Pizza Base

In a bid to lower out carbohydrate intake and up the veggies, rice and breaded pizza bases have started to be swapped for cauliflower versions instead.

A much lighter version for rice, cauliflower rice is a less filling option to pair with curries and stews, providing all the health benefits of this white vegetable. This newer version of rice is a low calorie super-food!

How to make cauliflower rice:

Simply break up the cauliflower head and pop into a food processor and whizz around until it breaks down to rice size.

The same applies to create a Cauliflower pizza base, simply blitz in a food processor, and then heat in a bowl covered by cling film for 5 minutes.

✓ Tip onto a tea towel and allow to cool.

Transfer into a bowl and squeeze water from the tea towel, and mix up with ground almonds and egg.

✓ Line a baking tray and grease with oil, before spreading the mixture on and baking.

#4 Avocado/Banana Ice Cream

A trend huge in Australia has slowly started to hit the UK. Definitely one for a sweet tooth; this healthy dessert is known as ‘Nice Cream’, and involves creating home-made ice cream without any sugar.

Healthy Food Crazes | 5 Delicious Food Trends of 2015 banana icecream

In fact, you simply use Banana and Avocado – even blended banana will do it!

Simply freeze a couple of bananas and pop them into a food processor. Add an avocado and blend until a creamy texture forms. Instant healthy ice cream!

#4 Millet

We all love and worship Quinoa; however Millet is the newest wholegrain superfood coming to our kitchens. It’s known as a birdseed ingredient, and is one of the ancient grains.

If you haven’t come across this yet, you’re more likely to find it being introduced into:

Multi grain breads.

Veggies burgers.


Millet is more commonly known amongst the hard-core healthy eaters at present.

As it doesn’t have the best flavour on its own, it’s predicted to be appreciated added in to baking.

#2 Zucchini Noodles

Another vegetable take on a carbohydrate favourite is zucchini noodles.

It may sound a little unappealing at first, but it is really simple to make, has a great pasta alternative texture, and is also incredibly tasty, although people may not expect this.

Healthy Food Crazes | 5 Delicious Food Trends of 2015 zucchini noodles

You simply take a courgette (this is also known as ‘courgetti’) and insert into a spiralizer, allowing the spirals to form a healthy replica of noodles!

These ‘noodles’ can go straight into a wok or pan to create health Pad Thais, Stir Fry’s or Curries.

 #5 Insects

This one may make a few people wince! Another trend that has been big in Australia is eating dried insects, such as crickets.

Praised for having a nutty taste and a ‘crunch’, dried crickets are high in protein and contain virtually no fat, so when tasted up with spices or dips, they are fast becoming a healthy snack.

Maybe this one will take a little more persuading, but don’t be surprised when you start coming across packets of dried crickets in the Supermarkets, or appearing on restaurant menus…

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