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Written by Chris Oldland

Healthy Desserts: For The Sweet Tooth

When you are on a strict eating programme everything can be going fine, that is until you crave something sweet, nothing else will do, you just want a dessert. Puddings can be your biggest obstacle to getting the desired results from your training and eating plan, most puddings are packed with fat and processed sugar, not what you want if you are trying to cut weight or put on lean muscle while minimising fat gain. There are plenty of low fat, no sugar desserts available, but what about protein. Protein is essential for building muscle as we all know, protein is also harder for your body to process, so uses more calories than fat or carbs.




What desserts have the most protein then? Fancy a steak for pudding? No, ok. So how about regular puddings like jelly or rice pudding? That does sound better. MyProtein have taken every day desserts and upped the protein content of them. So, how do they compare to leading brand varieties of desserts?


Jelly Recipes


Firstly, let’s look at Jelly. The leading brand of jelly has two versions, a regular and a sugar free version. The full sugar version contains over 18g of sugar per 100g, not what you want if you are trying to stay lean. The sugar free version has 1g of sugar per 100g, the MyProtein jelly mix has less than 1g of sugar, neither have any fat. The big difference comes from protein content; the leading brand contains 0g of protein per 100g, MyProtein jelly contains 86g of protein per 100g, you would be getting 17g of protein per serving and at only 69 calories makes a great after meal treat or just a high protein snack in between meals.


Now that the nights are getting darker and the days are getting colder it’s comforting to eat a nice hot pudding sometimes, maybe rice pudding. Most rice pudding contains around 3g or protein per 100g, mostly from cream and milk. What if you could have a warm, comforting dessert that is packed with high quality protein.

Healthy Rice Pudding


MyProtein rice pudding mix contains over 39g or protein per 100g. This protein comes Micellar Casein, Casein protein is a slow release protein, this makes it very efficient in nutrient supply. It stays in the stomach and digests very slowly providing a long and sustained release of amino acids in to the blood stream. This makes it a very useful protein to have before bed time as it can drip feed your muscles overnight while you sleep. The carbohydrates from the rice are also great to help replenish glycogen in muscles lost through exercise. So now you can have a bowl of hot creamy rice pudding on a cold night and wake up feeling recovered and ready to go again.


Protein Yoghurt


Finally, let’s look at yoghurt drinks, they can be great, poured over fruit or breakfast cereal or just drank on their own. They do however have a low protein content, typically less than 3g per 100g, not great if you are looking to build muscle or recover from exercise effectively. Myprotein yoghurt drink mix contains over 57g of protein per 100g, that’s over 28g per serving. This makes it ideal to have as a great tasting protein packed snack either before or after a training session or between meals, you could even drink it with a meal to up its protein content.


These new protein packed desserts are a great way of sticking to your eating plan while still satisfying your craving for a tasty pudding. They can be easily fitted into a high protein healthy eating plan and could help you see even greater results from your training.

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