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Gain In A Week With Myprotein 

Check out these top tips to gain more from your workouts, Myprotein has your back!

Firstly, you should leave 3-4 hours after a meal before you do your main workout of the day. This will allow your body to process the energy in the food and make it available to you when you’re working out. In addition, if you eat a full meal too soon before a moderate or high-intensity workout, you can experience discomfort and nausea.

meal prep calories in vs calories out

Pre-Workout Shake


This should be ingested 30 minutes before your main workout of the day.

Pre-Workout protein is important because it counteracts the muscle loss that occurs during exercise. This means the body is more efficient in creating lean muscle post-workout and burning fat. It also gives your body a kick start on the recovery process, so you are less prone to aches and injury. Because of this, you’ll be able to work harder.

Whey Protein


This should be consumed immediately after working out – so make sure you take it with you to the gym or on a trail. Whey protein continues the work that the pre-workout shake begins. It replenishes the body with protein and encourages the development of lean muscle.


Myprotein Snacks


The high protein snacks are ideal for combatting cravings. They will satisfy hunger pangs without causing the sugar spike and crash that you’ll get with many sweet snacks. Ideally, you should consume them 1-2 hours before a workout.

This will give you an energy boost to reach your maximum workout potential and keep hunger at bay.

Rest Day


It is important to have a rest day every week to allow your body to recuperate.

On these days, it is not necessary to consume the whey protein or pre-workout. Your body will not be losing proteins or muscle mass like it would on a workout day, so there is no need to replenish the stocks. Any excess protein will simply be excreted by the body, so it’ll be a waste of a good shake!

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