5 Foods to Avoid


1. Margarine: Hydrogenated Fats




Margarine is a type of hydrogenated fat- possessing both properties of pills and butters. During hydrogenation of margarine trans fats are formed.

Now if you’re into your nutrition you’ll know that trans fats are BAD – and known as toxic fats that have been directly associated with an increase in blood pressure, cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Most people think margarine’s are lower in fat overall and therefore make good alternatives for full fat butter but if you’ve read the papers recently you may have seen that experts are now saying fat from butter and cheese can actually assist weight loss and is good for you- something I’m sure many of us already knew!


2. Fizzy Drinks


If you’re looking to improve your physique you should stay clear of sugary drinks and high concentrate juices – the sugar in these drinks is fructose corn syrup, which not only provide a ton of empty calories but also acts to spike your insulin levels and rot your teeth.

Focus on consuming water with added lemon and lime or sugar free squash.


fizzy drinks


3. Refined Processed Bread, Rice and Pasta


Although these foods seem like a good source of complex carbohydrates, they are also known as “refined” foods.

This means these foods have been stripped of fibre and nutrients that provide health benefits, making them energy dense and calorific!

Opt for wholegrain foods instead, these foods have a greater nutritional value and can provide added fibre.


TIP: Adding nutrients such as flax seed, oat bran and wheatgrass will also increase the fibre content of meals or even smoothies/drinks!


white bread etc


4. Cream based Salad Dressings


Many people consume salad after salad and wonder why they are not losing weight – well the answer could be due to your salad dressings!

Salad dressings are an easy way to add excess calories and turn what was initially a healthy meal into an energy dense meal.

Avoid cream based salad dressings, make your salads exciting with lots of colourful veg and try adding lemon juice and apple cider vinegar for flavour.


Salad dressings


5. Sugary Foods and Cereals


We all know foods like cakes and biscuits should be avoided due to their high sugar and fat contents, but what about cereal?

Be careful when choosing the right cereal for you as you may find many cereal contain a ton of added sugar and gluten.

Opt for rolled oats, porridge or a healthy muesli with no added sugar.

Be sure to check the packaging on all your pre-packaged foods.


Sugary Cereal



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