Eat Clean, Stay Motivated & Achieve Your Goals

Written by Akesha Smith

Eat Clean And Stay On Track

You’ve stuck to your New Year’s resolution, you’ve joined a gym, started a juice cleanse, but something still doesn’t feel right? You should feel motivated and ready to go! You’ve got the latest tech and all the supplements needed, but for some reason, you feel out of sync! How can you change this?

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Do not be disheartened, the lack of motivation is common, that’s why there are still many people not happy with their body. You think all those fitness models woke up one morning and said “I have no motivation, back to bed I go!”, probably not. They gritted their teeth, trained hard and ate clean! You need to be the same. Summer will arrive quicker than you think, and before you know it will be ‘bikini season’ or ‘lets wear hardly any clothes’ season, and where will you be? You’ll be the one female amongst a whole heard of toned goddesses in a massive jumper and sweat pants!


So, get yourself out of those joggers, hit the gym and eat clean, healthy food! Every morning you need to ask yourself how much do you want it? If you want it, you’ll work for it! You want a toned flat belly, you’ll burn those abs in every exercise! You want a nice round peach bum, you’ll squat until your bum is on fire! The only limitation is yourself!

Now to help you along the way here are some simple tips that will make a difference when you are working out!

#1 Whether you are going to the gym or going out for a run, bring headphones! When you are exercising you don’t want any distractions, you need to focus on yourself and your goals!


#2 Stop staring at other people while working out! We’ve all become a victim of it at least once! You’re working out, then suddenly you catch a glimpse of someone tearing it up in their workout, they’re pumping some serious iron, and they’re showing off their lovely abs, perfect bum and shredded body! Some women see that and instantly lose their motivation! They look at the dream body they want and then look at their own body and believe they can never achieve such a sculpted physique. Don’t look, keep focused on yourself!

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#3 Take pictures of yourself! Don’t be camera shy, these pictures are just for you unless you want to put them on your social media to share your journey! Pictures of your body throughout your journey, in my opinion, is one of the biggest motivations you will ever have! You can physically see your body, and look at the areas you want to work on. Week by week you start to see little changes in your body! It’s like a drug and you’ll become obsessed with keeping it that way!


#4 Surround yourself with like-minded people! I always find that when you’ve got people around you who are wanting the same thing/goal it motivates you to work harder. Having a gym buddy or a running partner who is determined and serious about their goals is always good motivation. All their positive energy will encourage you to do better and vice versa.

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Faye Reid

Faye Reid

Writer and expert

Faye has a MSc in Sport Physiology and Nutrition, and puts her passion into practice as goal attack for her netball team, and in competitive event riding. She enjoys a pun, and in her spare time loves dog walking and eating out.

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