Best Whey To Keep In Shape | Benefits & Goals

By Jack Boardman

Top Wheys To Keep In Shape

Wondering which whey to go with your protein supplements? Take a look at the advantages of each, and which is proven to benefit you and your workout goals.

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Whey Protein Isolate


By definition, this is protein in its purest form, including a high percentage of protein with much of the fat and lactose removed via further processing. Because of this, there is less fat and lactose than in a whey concentrate.

They are also rich in amino acids, leucine and cysteine.

Isolates are a quick-absorbing protein and so are perfect for pre- and post-workout as they can speedily supply your muscles with the nutrition that they will need for recovery after an intense workout.

Whey protein isolates are effective if you’re on a low carb diet, seeking muscle growth and fat loss – ideal if you’re after that lean muscle.

Further to this, isolates are recommended as an all-round dietary supplement and have been proven to provide a boost to the body’s immune system and improving the control of blood glucose levels and prevention of aging muscle and bone loss.

Whey Protein Concentrate


Like isolates, concentrate contains low levels of fat and carbs and significant amounts of lactose. How much protein you can expect in a concentrate depends on how concentrated it is. Whey concentrate is a more basic form of protein, which you may use for building muscle mass, lowering blood pressure, speeding up your recovery times and boosting your immune system.

Whey concentrate is good for pre- and post-workouts, as well as snacks between meals, but it is not recommended for protein before bed.

Many people ask which they should choose between isolates and concentrates. Because of the processing involved in isolates, they will have fewer carbs per serving. Isolates are also more quickly absorbed than whey concentrate and so are better for a post-workout supplement. For anyone wanting to limit increased insulin, whey concentrate is best.

Whether insulin or lactose are an issue or not, price may be, and whey protein concentrate is the more affordable of the two.


Whey Protein Hydrolysate


Hydrolysate protein is the highest quality of protein available, providing highly absorbable peptides that can have a strong anabolic effect. Because of this, it is a highly-effective post-workout supplement and, for many, is easier on the digestive system – particularly compares to whey protein concentrate.

Hydrolysate wheys contain less fat and sugar than isolates are heavily processed and so take out a step in your digestion’s process where your body would usually hydrolyse a protein to digest them. They also offer a substantial increase in insulin, therefore pushing more fuel to your muscles and aiding recovery while building muscle.

Casein Protein


Casein protein is best for night time usage and long hauls without a chance to graze. Casein breaks down over several hours and so can be taken as a meal if you’re looking to shed weight, and, equally, for mass gainers and everyone in between it is effective when taken before sleeping so you will utilise the protein in your body throughout the night.

Because of its slow absorbency, casein protein isn’t recommended for a post-workout supplement, yet is effective when taken in the morning to carry you through the day and your exercise regime.

Casein is high in glutamine, which helps boost the immune system and speed up recovery.


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