The Best Myprotein Snacks | Which To Choose?

Written by Charlotte Campbell

Myprotein Snacks

Snacks are an important part of a healthy lifestyle. When we’re younger, we’re often told that snacks ruin your appetite, or are a way of overindulging. But the right snacks can boost your energy between meals, and power your workouts to the next level. Plus, they can be a great way of ensuring you get all the nutrients you need each day.


Myprotein offers a whole range of snacks to suit every goal and palette. Here are our favourites:


Snacks For A Sweet Tooth


You might not associate sweet treats with health benefits, but these Myprotein snacks manage it. The Protein Cookie in white chocolate and almond will make you feel like you’ve really indulged. For those who are looking to cut weight rather than bulk or maintain, the Skinny Cookie version of this snack will be perfect for you.


In addition, the Protein Wafers are a super sweet snack that gives you a good dose of protein.

Snacks To Satisfy Hunger


If you’re at the office or heading to the gym soon, you may not want to eat a whole meal despite being hungry. Protein Flapjacks are made with protein oats, whey protein and dried fruits. They’re ideal for giving you slow release energy to ward off hunger and fuel your workout.


For another dose of protein and energy, Dr Zak’s High Protein Bagels are perfect with nut butter to give a satisfying snack.

PB and Sugar Free Jelly Bagel

Snacks For Chocoholics


They say that with a healthy lifestyle you eventually don’t crave unhealthy things, but chocolate never seems to quit! If you need your fix, try Protein Brownies in white or milk chocolate. They’re great pre or post workout to give your muscles the protein they need to recover and grow.


High Protein Muffins are also ideal for some chocolate covered gains. You’ll feel like you’ve had a proper treat, and still be able to feel smug about keeping on plan!


If you’ve just got to go straight for the source, High Protein Chocolate is very handy to have. Flavours include chocolate orange, mint chocolate and good old fashioned chocolate.

Snacks For Savoury Cravings


If you’re looking to snack on something savoury, Protein Crisps are a great place to start. The sweet chilli and sour cream flavour make you feel like you’ve got a posh pack of crisps on the go.


Protein Breadsticks are also useful to keep on hand for when hunger strikes. There’s also the Gluten Free Breadstick Bites for anyone with an intolerance.

gluten free breadsticks myprotein

Snacks For DIY-ers


If you get a pang of satisfaction about making your own meal prep, these snacks will help you along without denting your pride. Protein Mug Cake comes in blueberry, chocolate and salted caramel. Simply mix up the ingredients as required on the packet, pop in the microwave and BAM! You’ve created a delicious snack.


Similarly, Protein Pancake Mix allows you to get your chef on (and hone your flipping skills) while still giving you a hit of protein. Get creative with your toppings for extra cooking points. Sugar-Free Syrups make great additions, as does a dose of Nut Butter.


They do say abs are made in the kitchen, so why not try out some delicious, protein-packed recipes on The Zone. Go on, impress your friends and family, that’s if you want to share!


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