12 Days Of Fitness | Christmas Workout

Written by Simon Cushman

12 Days Of Fitness

Are you dreading the festive weight gain? If so, we have the answer. A Christmas workout which is both fun and beneficial. Our fitness expert; Simon Cushman has 12 days of fitness, keeping you slim and trim through the festive season.

running snow

On the 1st day of fitness, Myprotein gave to me…


A great meal to enhance my recovereeeeeyyyyyyy

In the festive season, people get scared by the volume of food and what it will do to their training, how they should adapt their eating to make sure they don’t put on tonnes! Don’t forget the most important thing about ‘cheat’ meals or whatever you want to call them: Plan it in and train around it. Now I’m not validating training for punishment, but if you know you want to enjoy a Christmas meal, work or personal or just a bigger meal out with friends, train hard up to that point, use it as a big recovery meal and plan to take up your training again as usual. The only way through is to plan it in and don’t see it as a negative, use it as a benefit to your hard work and replenish and reset!

On the 2nd day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Two Lifting Gloves

Now I don’t generally approve the use of lifting gloves in the gym, but they are used for a reason… Lift heavy! Get your gloves on, strap yourselves in and pick those weights up. Again use this time to your benefit by picking up heavy stuff and resting for longer, don’t get lazy, plan it all in and work out when you will move on to a different phase. Also, accessorising in the gym is a great way to build up some confidence and give you a rush of endorphins. Retail therapy works! So go and get some brand new kit and walk into the gym with your head held high. You are there with a passion while the others sit on the sofa losing their way!


On the 3rd day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Three tracking pens

Just because everyone seems to be winding down for the festive season, there’s no need to join them. Get yourself motivated and stick to your plan. Even if you are going into the gym and training based on how you are feeling at that time, write down and track what you are doing. There’s nothing more motivational than seeing that you are still doing well and improving when you thought you might have slowed down.

On the 4th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Four lifting nerds

Now is one of the best times to get scientific with your training if you haven’t already. Rather than switching off from everything, get an Excel spreadsheet set up to monitor you training sessions. Track your 1RM using some simple equations, or your training load looking at your session volume multiplied by how hard you felt the session was (session RPE 1-10). This way you can keep an eye on if you are slacking or pulling your weight over the season.

cycling in snow

On the 5th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Five new thiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggssssss

Instead of getting monotonous this winter, get motivated and try some new things. There are plenty of new and exciting ways of getting out of you house and staying active, from fitness classes to local swimming pools, most leisure centres will have sports facilities to hire out so why not try a game of squash, or get some friends to play some small sided netball or anything you can think of. Why not go completely different and go rock climbing or free running?! Something new can give you a great deal of enjoyment and going with friends can change the experience into a fun exercise session without it feeling that way.

On the 6th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Six weeks of NO weighing

If you haven’t already got the memo, the weighing scales really aren’t the best way to track your progress unless you have to make weight for a competition. Set your goals to accommodate your plans so they are realistic and attainable. You might just want to keep fit, in which case you might try to set a new 5km PB, in which case set the timeline for 6-8 weeks’ time and train for that purpose, don’t try to beat it every session.

christmas workout playlist

On the 7th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Seven nights out a-Gin-ing

In the same way as the 1st day, don’t see social occasions as a time where you segregate yourself to sit in the corner drinking water, rehydrating shots and protein shakes. Enjoy gatherings and just make sensible choices. Don’t plan to train the morning after the night before… and be sure to make sensible choices on drinks, rather than guzzling 10 pints of larger have gin and slim line tonics with a twist of lemon to help your system and remember to drink water along the way to stay hydrated.

On the 8th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Eight shakes with milk in

An interesting study was performed a few years ago looking at peoples habits when they went to a buffet after drinking a whey shake, a casein shake and a whey shake with milk. They found that people ate less after having had a whey shake or whey + milk! So why not have a whey shake before you go out if you know you’ll be tempted to eat your fill and your body will do the hard work of keeping you in check.

protein shakes

On the 9thth day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Nine Gymmers dancing

Two quick points to make, firstly the use of music has continually been shown to have a range of training benefits. This is due to a disassociation effect that music has on the psychology which means that when you listen to your favourite track, your mind will be taken from your workout and you will be able to exercise for longer, you can also get elevated testosterone and a hormonal adaptation from up-beat, self-selected music. If you don’t have one already, make a playlist including songs you enjoy and spark up a good memory. Secondly, there’s no better way to get a rush and burn some extra calories than going for a good boogie on a night out! Let that hair down and break out some shapes.

On the 10th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Ten Scoops a-heaping

Normally the first thing to change over this season is the quantity of carbohydrates and fats that are going into your body in the form of mince pies, chocolates, roasties etc. Use a simple tracking app and make sure you are meeting your protein requirements to keep you in a protein synthesis balance and also it will increase satiety keeping you with the feeling of being full without gorging or overeating.

weight gain

On the 11th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Eleven Gym towels wiping

If you’re going to eat more calories (who wouldn’t with the amazing food on offer), you will need to try and balance this out, maybe with some additional exercise. You might chose to do more cardio and even things out. Get up a good sweat and mix things up using a range of techniques including (but not limited to) HIIT, steady state training, circuits and tabata style training. One of the most important things to remember is replace your fluids and keep well hydrated.

On the 12th day of fitness Myprotein gave to me…


Twelve snack times coming

Sticking to three big meals a day can be unbelievably hard to do around this time as you will get to the next meal and be ready to have a good sit down sesh and pig out. If this is something you would like to stay away from, make sure you are sensibly snacking, especially with good forms of protein (see day 10) and take a grazing approach snacking between meals to hit your daily goals.

christmas dinner

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