Vegan and Vegetarian

  • Here is a simple Low Fat Homemade Hummus recipe that will take less than 5 minutes to make and tastes amazing!     – 1 Can of Hummus   – 3 Tbs Low Fat Natural Greek Yoghurt   – 1 Clove Garlic   – Salt and Pepper       a) To start drain the […]

  • Vegetarian Meal Prepping

    By Gemma Amery | In Healthy Meals, Vegan and Vegetarian | on May 6, 2015

    When starting out researching meal prepping vegetarians may hit a stumbling block as chicken seems to be the most suggested option but rest assured there are lots of healthy alternatives out there! And for any of you carnivores fancying a meat free day, why not give this recipe a try!       Box 1 […]

  •   By Myprotein Writer Timothy Mobbs   This is a really simple, delicious and filling dish that delivers a solid balance of nutrients. One hundred grams of quinoa boasts an impressive fourteen grams of protein and contains all eight essential amino acids making it a true superfood!     Serves 2   – 1 Acorn […]

  •    By Myprotein Writer Timothy Mobbs   These dense, fudge-like Vegan protein bars are a welcome break from the usual post-workout shake. With over 22 grams of dairy-free protein per serving, these hefty bars also pack the nutritional punch of fibre-rich cranberries, healthy fats from nut butter and an antioxidant boost in the form of […]

  • HEALTHY SNACKS: Savoury Breakfast Pancake

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on February 11, 2015

      Our protein pancake mix (unflavoured) can be used for savoury or sweet recipes – and it’s even great to use as a sandwich hot or cold wrap! Today’s recipe is our Savoury Breakfast Pancake with vegetarian Quorn sausages for a lower fat percentage than your average pork sausages!     – 1 Scoop Myprotein […]

  • Butternut Squash Wedges

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on January 15, 2015

    These sweet, crispy flavoursome Butternut Squash Wedges are a delicious accompaniment to steak or chicken. 84 calories and 1g fat per servings     100g – Butternut Squash (Cut into wedges) 1 Tbsp – Ground dry garlic 1 Tsp – Chilli Flakes 1 Cal spray oil   Slice the butternut squash into wedges and lay […]

  • Meat Free Protein Lasagna

    By Gemma Amery | In Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on January 14, 2015

    Our Meat Free Protein Lasagna: combining protein soup and beans this meal can be a great addition to your healthy meal repertoire and make a change from meat-based recipes!   1 – Leek 1 sachet – Myprotein Tomato and basil Soup (or 200ml of tomato passarta/ Mashed tinned tomatoes) 50g – Canned Kidney Beans 50g – […]

  • Stuffed Aubergine Recipe

    By Mr Protein | In Healthy Meals, Recipes, Vegan and Vegetarian | on September 30, 2014

      Stuffed Aubergine Recipe   Looking for a healthy weight loss recipe? Whether your vegan or vegetarian or just want a nice healthy recipe this stuffed aubergine recipe is a delicious choice!   Ingredients   You can make this recipe as exciting as you want with fresh herbs and spices, for an added source of […]