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Our Protein Advent Calendar is unavailable!

We're very sorry, but our best-selling Protein Advent Calendar is not available this year!

Don't despair though. if you've missed out and still want to treat someone to an indulgent protein-packed treat, look no further than our delicious protein snacks!

Double Dough Brownie

  • A delicious combination of Brownie- and Cookie Dough
  • 14g protein per bar
  • 3 delectable flavours

Whipped Duo's

  • A light and fluffy core encased in chocolate
  • 11g protein per portion and only 0.1g fat
  • Super-soft consistency

Layered Bar

  • 6 delicious flavours
  • 6 layers
  • 21g Protein

Protein Spreads

  • 3 delicious flavours
  • 87% less sugar than supermarket alternatives
  • With Whey Protein Concentrate

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