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Sleeping Aid



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Sleepmax is a potent blend of ingredients designed to help provide deep, restful and uninterrupted sleep. A good night's sleep is essential for regenerating energy levels and aiding the recovery process from exercise as well as promoting a healthy mind and body.

Achieving regular uninterrupted, quality sleep is undoubtedly one of the key factors regularly overlooked in the search for improved physical performance.

The quality of your sleep determines the regulation of various growth compounds such as melatonin and cortisol. All of these compounds play vital roles in improving your physical capabilities with their balance and production being seriously hampered through poor sleep. Therefore, the correct sleep patterns should be the priority of anyone who regularly takes part in physical exercise as it can dramatically improve your results.

It is quite clear that deep, regular and uninterrupted sleep is vital for anyone who takes part in physical exercise and who wishes to make the most of the training they perform. Sleepmax is a synergistic blend of natural ingredients that can effectively address poor sleep and is comprised of four main ingredients - Inositol, 5-HTP, L-Glycine and L-Theanine.

Inositol is a vitamin-like substance that is found in many foods such as nuts and fruits. It has been traditionally used as a sleep aid within many clinical settings as it is suggested that it can help combat insomnia. Several studies have also shown Inositol to be extremely effective in preventing depression and anxiety, both huge influences on sleep quality.

5-HTP is a naturally occurring amino acid which is a precursor to the neurotransmitter serotonin, which itself is a precursor to melatonin. 5-HTP helps increase serotonin levels, that in turn has been shown to improve sleep habits. Not only does it appear to reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep but it also increases REM, so you sleep deeper and wake up less during the night.

L-Glycine is a non-essential amino acid that acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter in the central nervous system providing a calming effect on the brain. Glycine has also been shown to induce drowsiness, hasten the onset of sleep and also quicken the onset of deep sleep. Moreover it will do so whilst improving elements of fatigue, alertness and memory the next day.

Theanine has been shown to act as a neurotransmitter in the brain, where it has been shown to generate alpha waves, which amplify a state of relaxation.

Ultimately, Sleepmax helps induce sleep, promotes good quality sleep and also helps maintain sleep right through the night. In doing so, Sleepmax helps the body produce an optimal response to sleep restoring sleep patterns, maximising lean gains, and increasing physical well being.

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship 5 HTP (or products containing 5 HTP) to The Republic of Ireland owing to its status as a prescription medicine in this region.

Product Reviews - 16 reviews


- (05 / Feb / 2014)


SleepMax is fantastic, for me it's working very well. Taking only one pills, sometime I take two,depend on my training day or day rest. In conclusion, this product is amazing. Thanks Myprotein for all your excellent products and for your discounts.


- (09 / Dec / 2013)


ive been using ZMA for the last 8 months to help me sleep i was getting between 7 to 9 hours sleep a day but they were not working anymore it went down to 4 hours a day if i was lucky so tryed SleepMax i have to take 3 but im back to 7 hours sleep a day

Goes Well With:

clean sheets


- (12 / Nov / 2013)


I've been taking 2 Sleepmax tablets every night for a week. It does say you can up your dosage until the required effect takes place but I would prefer to keep it at two. I have been waking up a little bit more refreshed but that may also be due to me falling asleep a little earlier. I will continue to take these tablets for a month just to see if it has the desired effect especially as there doesn't seem to be any side effects.

this is great

- (28 / Aug / 2013)


SleepMax doesn't knock you out but once you fall asleep it's a very deep sleep, I noticed if I wake in the night I get a feeling of being really heavy and don't want to get out of bed - so I can tell it's working great. The best thing I found was to aim to have a bed time (and try to stick to it) and not drink caffeine after finishing work. After a few nights in a row of deep sleep I've never felt better, with noticeable improved energy levels also after a week or so I'm pretty sure my skin is looking healthier as well.

Goes Well With:

alarm clock

deep sleep

- (12 / Aug / 2013)


After trying nightol and other such sleep aids on and off for years, I was told to try a substance called 5-HTP. So checking on here I found this mix and 5-HTP on it's own. I thought I'd give the SleepMax blend a go. I'm not disappointed, I struggle to get to sleep but this product gives a gentle relaxing sensation 30-40 mins after consumption, fairly deep sleep and no grogginess in the morning, even at 5am for work! This is highly recommended.

Goes Well With:


great so far...

- (24 / Jun / 2013)


Sleep max has done a good job for me. I take one capsule with 3mg melatonin each night and I sleep veery good! Have tried valerian or only 5htp with melatonin, but this combination is the best for me, so far. Hope this will last forever and that my body does not get accustomed to the ingredients... Thank you.

Goes Well With:


- (02 / Apr / 2013)


I've been taking this SleepMax for a week and have noticed no change at all. For me this is a waste of money.

- (06 / Apr / 2011)


"I really like this product! I find it hard to get to sleep and these have helped a great deal. I am taking them with 5htp Beforehand and that seems to do the trick. I have tried lots of herbal remedies in the past and they didnt work for me. I am only taking them like a week and they have lifed my mood more as I'm getting a better sleep. They wont work for everyone as each person is different I'm sure, but I find them to work Great for me, So big thumbs up! Try them if you have trouble sleeping or drifting off!"

- (17 / Aug / 2010)


I often have problems getting to sleep but found three sleepmax creates a wave of tiredness that really put my lights out! I sleep well when taking it and don't have a groggy head like other things i've tried. I get a good 7-8 hours uninterupted sleep. It might not work for everyone but it does for me.

- (11 / Jul / 2010)


"Like several other posters, I found these to be pretty ineffective - either no effect or waking up two hours after dropping off and feeling groggy in the morning - like MP products, but this one's duff (for me at least), especially at the price"

- (17 / Jun / 2010)


"Its an aid for a more restful, deeper sleep. It's not meant to knock you out after taking a dosage, no matter how much you take... If you read the ingredients you'll find it's more of a therapeutic supplement to calm you down."

- (27 / Feb / 2010)


"Tried every dosage with no real joy, also varying consumption times up to 2.5hrs prior to bed. They never made me want to sleep or help me drop off, and I still woke in the early hours. The only real effect was making me struggle to get up and being groggy for the first part of the morning. I'm sure there's better sleeping aids out there, especially for £16 a time..."

- (09 / Dec / 2009)


"After playing with the dose for a few days, i found that 2-3 caps didnt really do anything other than chill me out a bit, but it didnt make me want to sleep. 4 caps did make me sleep, but i felt groggy the next morning. 3 caps was just about right, making me want to sleep 40 mins later, but it doesnt always keep me asleep (for total knockout GABA or phenibut is the nuts). So far, this combination works a treat:\n\n3 SleepMax caps\n1 drop sublingual melatonin\n1 tsp taurine"

- (11 / Oct / 2009)


Ths product really works!!!\nI only need 2 capsules to get a restful sleep although when I first started I used 3 but gradually found 2 worked just as well.\nI have tried many on the market but in my opinion this is by far the best natural product i've used

- (28 / Sep / 2009)


"i tried it, had 1 tab, then 2, all the way to 4, then even had 6 (megadosing) and still nothing!\nwaste of my money! told MP they said it's "my fault" basically as my body doesn't make it work....OK!!??\nand fellow MP forum member had same effects, so now we both have 110tabs each!"

- (11 / Sep / 2009)


"Found that Sleepmax helped sleep occur faster, didn't wake up during the night and generally felt 'more rested' in the morning. Great for when you have a busy schedule the next day."

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