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The road to bulking up isn’t easy. If you’re looking to gain weight or increase size you’re going to have to be in a calorie surplus — that’s consuming more calories than you burn in a day.

And, although that sounds really simple, eating the wrong types of foods can lead to an increase in body fat, which isn’t helpful.

We’re here to help you along the way with our Gainer Bundle. Packed with some of our fitness favourites, designed to drive you forwards and support your body through your training. Plus, you’ll also receive your own gym-ready Build Muscle Guide.

The Gainer Bundle includes:

  • Weight Gainer Blend (1kg)
  • Creatine Monohydrate (250g)
  • 100% Instant Oats (1kg)
  • Essential Omega-3 (90 caps)
  • All-Natural Peanut Butter
  • Myprotein Shaker
  • The Build Muscle Guide (PDF)

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Gaining Weight Advice

All-Natural Peanut Butter

Created with a blend of roasted brown peanuts, our Smooth Peanut Butter is all-natural and a great source of protein — ideal for supporting your training and curbing your cravings.

  • Source of protein
    • Reduces tiredness and fatigue
    • Free from added salt, sugar, and palm oil

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    Weight Gainer Blend

    If you’re looking to gain weight, build strength, or increase size then you’re going to have to consume more calories than you burn throughout the day — known as a calorie surplus.

  • 31g of protein per serving
    • 50g of carbs per serving
    • 388 calories

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    Best Value Weight Gain Protein

    Weight Gainer Blend

    This beast of a supplement boasts 31g of protein, a staggering 50g of carbs, and a massive total of 388 calories per serving, setting you up to achieve those all-important gains — all while boosting your recovery after those high-intensity workouts.

    Packed with a blend of high-quality, fast and slow digesting proteins, that helps grow and maintain important muscle. This won’t just spike your protein uptake, but help to maintain it throughout the day.

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    Best Vegan Weight Gain Protein

    Vegan Gainer Blend

    On a plant-based diet but want to pack on muscle and size? Our vegan gainer blend delivers a mighty 29g of plant-powered protein alongside 39g of carbs. Protein contributes to the growth muscle mass and carbs help your muscles recover after exercise so that you're ready to go again. 

    To help you get those all-important extra calories, which are key to bulking up, we’ve included a blend of organic flours — including amaranth, buckwheat and freekah — stacking up the carb content and helping to fuel your ambition.

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