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Malic Acid

  • Vegetarian


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Malic Acid is closely related to Citric Acid, Vitamin C, which is found naturally in a wide range of foods including green apples. Malic Acid can be quite tart and bitter, and has been used for many years as flavouring in a variety of different sweets providing a sharp and tangy taste. As a dietary supplement, Malic Acid is prized for its role in helping the body to release energy from food, and has been linked with offering improved endurance for athletes.

Malic Acid is one of the main fruit acids, and is produced naturally in a range of plants, most notably in apples. When ingested into the body as a supplement to a healthy diet, it has been shown to offer improved levels of energy, particularly during exercise.

Malic Acid should be of particular interest to anyone engaged in training for endurance events such as long distance running, or cycling, as it has been shown to offer an increase in performance when taken regularly. Malic Acid works as part of the digestive process which helps release energy from food more efficiently under conditions where the cells are lacking in oxygen, such as in the later stages of an event. The use of Malic Acid while training or competing, offers the greatest benefits in the hypoxic stages of exercise, and prolongs the period at which the body performs at its optimum level of efficiency.

Recent medical testing has also shown links between the use of Malic Acid as a dietary supplement, and a reduction in pain caused by the chronic condition Fibromyalgia, which is a long term degenerative disorder that causes pain throughout the body, particularly in the joints.

Product Reviews - 2 reviews

Got a kick to it!

- (23 / Sep / 2013)


To be honest, I've not given this product a fair trial because the taste puts me off using it. It's not actually an unpleasant taste, but it's like sucking on a vitamin C dissolvable tablet - very sour. It can't be helped - it's an acid after all, so you can expect it to be acidic, but it needs to be really diluted and I find it better if I mix it with a fruit juice that's not already tangy e.g. cheap OJ. I was wanting it for my morning smoothie/protein shake which I usually enjoy,and don't want to spoil the flavour. If you're not bothered about flavour and just neck your mixes down it's fine. I can't comment on it's effectiveness because I've not taken it consistently enough to have any measurable effect.

Goes Well With:

Non-acidic fruit juice.

- (20 / Apr / 2012)


"This is only the second time I have used Malic acid but it works very well indeed! It doesnt all disolve but that dont matter cos it doesnt taste too bad ,a bit acidic (well it would being called malic acid). I got a nice relaxed feeling and some good energy,not run amile or hit the gym energy but more like doing house work or gardening. I have mixed it with creatine and caffeine and it changes them both to a less jittery,unable to focus (like too much coffee)effect to a more mellow energy.To be honest If you like the heavy stim effect it might not be a good idea to mix. Use it on its own or mix it because at this price you cant loose! Oh yeh dont do too much at one time , its like vitamin c, find your limit or you will be on the toilet all day :<."

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