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The Supplement Digital Magazine

The Supplement is back with a tasty new edition.

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Whether you’re looking for quick, tasty meals that can be whipped up in under 10 mins, macro-friendly meal prep ideas that last all week, or sweet treats to keep your cravings in check — our healthy high-protein recipes will inspire you to change the way you cook forever.

Our recipe book Not Just Chicken & Rice is here to take the fuss out of cooking. Featuring tasty AF recipes from the Myprotein kitchen series, tailored to your goal.

We’ve got breakfast, lunch, and dinner sorted. Oh, and maybe some sweet treats too. A recipe for every occasion. And every goal.

No-nonsense meals. Designed to hit the spot.

By claiming your copy of Not Just Chicken & Rice, you'll also get a free subscription to our quarterly issue of The Supplement — our digital magazine.

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