Total Protein Blend

A specially developed blend with seven forms of protein

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Top Customer Reviews

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Great Results, Flavors & Price

When I first started using My Protein, I opted for the simple Impact Whey protein powder but then moved to Total Protein to increase the different types of proteins my muscles get. The limited carbohydrates are ideal for anybody looking to stay lean - yes, you can use Impact Whey Isolate, but I'd rather opt for a shake that delivers numerous proteins to my muscles and is a little cheaper. I've used this product for 6 months now and I won't be changing product anytime soon. I do weight lifting 6 days a week, with 2 morning cardio sessions all on a shredding diet (putting my body into calorie deficit). I'm 11 weeks in and these shakes have really helped keep my training on point, I rarely feel fatigued when taking them and have gotten noticeable results. I take my shakes with added Psyllium Husk, Creapure (also from My Protein) and Unsweetened Almond Milk - they taste incredible and just like milkshakes. I've currently got a 5kg pouch of Strawberry (great for the very sweet tooth), Banana (a natural taste, not too strong, just right) and Vanilla (by far the greatest tasting flavor they offer, not too strong, natural flavor and I use it in all my baking - it's awesome). I've also tried Chocolate Smooth, it really does taste fantastic but I'd rather not lose my protein content for taste. As for Unflavoured, it was great for 1 week, then was disappointed mainly because my diet is so bland in flavor that my only source of a healthy sweet taste are my shakes - either way, I still drank it - rather have the flavor though! Hope all this helps you decide, I've spent a lot time trying all types of brands and flavors but it's My Protein all the way for me!
Goes Well With:
Psyllium Husk, Creapure, Unsweetened Almond Milk, Healthy Baking

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Great protein

First, i have always used protein, from the days you held your nose and gagged, not wanting to chuck and waste it.... as most tasted fowl.... and they were expensive. Had this in Strawberry and is great. However i want a protein that works, taste is secondary. So if you want taste reviews read the others. Been using this a month, same dosage as my previous protein (morning, before and after training and before bed, and morning and night on rest days) Results are excellent, faster recovery and noticeable size gains. I also appear leaner. As with all supplements they are more effective with good training and nutrition, i also use BCAA's, again from MP. I have trained for 30 years (now 47) and began a new "heavy" programme after a 12 year lay off towards lighter and reps. My training buddy has also noticed gains in my size and strength, he has started on this now after being a "don't need protein supplements" man. I can suffer bloat with some proteins and find no issues here, which is ideal if you want to take regular amounts. Mix of proteins also ensures you make the most of your money and get a varied supply of protein ( research it on-line, this is the best way to take protein). Mixes well in a MP shaker, i use milk and water, depending what time of day i take it, with no huge difference in taste or texture,. Top product and service to match, i will be using this for a while. Recommended highly, all the gains of top brands without the price tag!!!!

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Second order. Still excellent.

First got total protein in banana flavour when it was on offer a few months ago. The product is excellent, a big protein hit in various forms which digest at different rates. All good. I found the banana flavour good, not too artificial. The mix is a little grainy though and when settled left black/grey sediment at the bottom of the shaker. So every time I put the shaker down I'd have to shake it again to mix it up. Not the end of the world but it meant I never looked forward to it. I've just got chocolate smooth and it's 10x better. First off, it's the best MP chocolate flavour I've had. More flavour than impact whey but not overly sweetened and artificial like Hurricane. It also mixes much better. If you put the effort into shaking, mixed with 300ml milk in an MP shaker provides a delicious, thick and silky smooth chocolate shake. I'm so much happier with chocolate smooth than I was with banana. It still separates a little when left standing but not as bad (or at least not as noticeable as the banana powder). As for usage: the science involved with the different types of protein in the powder says it's good for quick and also longer term digestion. For post workout I have hurricane xs, always with water out the tap at the gym. Total protein is just used at home with milk. I find a shake is adequately filling for breakfast when I can't face the heavy gloop of total breakfast. I'll then have one in the evening a couple of hours after dinner, for overnight release. I only drink hurricane on gym days so on off days I'll throw a scoop of creatine mono in with the total protein. Total protein is low on carbs and not high calorie either so could be an alternative to impact whey if you're trimming. Very happy with this. The flavour (chocolate smooth), the smooth mixing and the effectiveness of the formula. It's a perfect all in one and yes people say more than 20g of whey at once is pointless but it's not just whey as it provides proteins designed for slower release too. For the flavour alone I'd stick with this. Pricier than impact whey but it's a completely different product. Maybe not as obvious as a post workout shake but I'd definitely use it if I wasn't making use of the carb hit provided by hurricane xs. 2 of these with a hurricane post workout easily gives over 100g of quality protein added to your diet. Handy for people like me who can't always eat lean protein at frequent intervals during the day.
Goes Well With:
Milk and a vigorous shake Creatine

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Bit of guidance please!

Last month I started buying protein and began with choc smooth impact whey. One scoop of that with 250ml of milk and it tasted great, smooth and no mixability issues. Now, after going the gym for a bit I have purchased 2.5kg of Total Protein (Choc Smooth) but have found when following the directions of use (60g scoop with 350ml or water/milk) it is of a completely different texture to that of impact whey, it is grainy and really difficult to consume. Is there something I am doing wrong, any sort of help would be superb!

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Mix with water

I've got the vanilla flavour and it tastes nice. A little much with milk due to the egg white powder so water is best to have with it. Really fills you up so between meals I'll have my shake with an apple which is helping me keep lean. It's protein amount per serving is huge so work out alot and see the results.
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No more mint chocolate for me!

I recently bought 5 kg of chocolate mint flavor. At first drink i had it was ok, not great but ok, at second it became worst and after that its just like i drink chocolate toothpaste of some sort. The mint is SO STRONG that i can't drink it anymore, so i am stuck with about 4.7Kg of chocolate mint protein i can't drink, my only option is to buy some of that really really sweet protein (natural chocolate) and mix 1 spoon of each, perhaps that way i can no longer feel that mint so strong. If you choose this go with Double chocolate as it is best (atleast for me), don't choose Mint Chocolate because it is too strong mint flavour, unless you have a mint addiction of some sort!! Honestly its like drinking toothpaste water. Its effective it does it's job but its a nightmare for me after each training session when i think i have to drink that again, i tried with water/milk added 1 banana to it to take the flavor away, nothing worked so far, il try to add cinammon next.

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Total Protein Blend 5kg Strawberry

The Total Protein Blend is making huge difference in building muscle for me, an older 60 year old. Always tougher as we age. Also great taste and mixes easy, and 5kg is great value, lasts longer. Tip from me, when mixing any shake in a shaker, half fill with water first, then add powder, then top up with water before shaking. Prevents any stuck to the bottom ever 👍
Goes Well With:
Water, because the taste is great.

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Great product

Great taste, nowhere near the medically taste that some protein shakes have. Mixes extremely well in a shaker. Has casein protein, which the previous blend I used has removed, switching to this better tasting and cheaper blend was an obvious decision. Definitely recommended, wish I'd tried it sooner. First bag came with a hole in it, replacement provided without any issue. Perfect support.

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so creamy

I love the taste of the protein! After reading up about types of protein I realised that I needed casein protein so when I saw the sample of the strawberry cream on offer I bought a couple of them to try. Ive only ever had the standard whey protein or isolate protein from this website and find them quite watery as I always mix with water to save on calories, but this protein is so creamy and thick in comparison even mixed with water. It did have several small lumps in it when I mixed it in a shaker but it didnt really bother me. I have ordered loads more of the strawberry flavour!
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Smooth and Satisfying

I bought this as an alternative to whey in hopes of it providing a little more satiety while treating my muscles to a longer-lasting protein hit, and it has not disappointed. Mixing whey with water can feel like drinking watery calories, where as total protein feels way more substantial, creamy and satisfying. I was concerned looking at the protein blend that it might be difficult to mix - having bought caesin and egg white powder previously. Caesin bubbles like no tomorrow and feels like the power is suspended in the water/cottage cheese-y, and egg white powder seems almost waterproof, forming powder capsule lumps. Very impressed at how mixable total protein is, strawberry cream transforms into a dreamy creamy almost nesquik like drink.
Goes Well With:
Water, vitafiber bars, porridge

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